0x00000019 bad_pool_header error

I was cleaning my PC with compresed air, and when i put it together at windows startup i got BSOD after win logo with error 0x00000019 bad_pool_header and PC restarts. I couldnt fix it so i reinstaled Win and it workedI fine.

But after 2 days it performed windows update and automaticaly restarted itself and it started getting the same error again! Even in safe mode it manages to pass by win logo but is stuck at welcome screen saying "please wait". I also tried "restore to previous good configuration" but it is same. I also tried removing battery from MB. But it wasnt removed while i was cleaning it, did i damaged some components? I cleaned my pc this way for like 5th time.

I will reinstall my win 7 again but i dont want this to happen again. How can i fix it? Is this software or hardware problem?
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  1. I managed to get into safe mode after 10 minutes of waiting and get these files. http://we.tl/pyZWIAwwId
  2. But first time there werent any updates and it still happened.

    Update, i ran memtest for 1,5 hours and it ran without errors 2 times.
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