Acer aspire 5742 bios password

cant seem to remember my bios password and after 3 attempts the screen goes blank?

thnx in advance
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  1. you mean that i should take it back? lol
    its jus that iv got so many passwords goin on, my pc, ps3 2 email accounts basically alot of passwords (really bad when it comes to passwords) n i havnt used my laptop for week!!! iv lost the plot
    any help, ideas much appreciated
  2. i guess thers no solutions for it !! i jus didnt want my girl goin through my laptop while i was away, guess i payed the price now!!! :(
  3. Well, you can try to open up the laptop's case and clear the BIOS password by removing the shunt for a few seconds and then putting it back.

    I'm sure you can Google what a motherboard shunt looks like and most times on the hardware it will have a label on the motherboard exactly which switch to remove the shunt from to reset the BIOS password.
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