Is this laptop any good? on sale ends in 2 hours! help

Hey guys, I need a laptop for my mom, her original budget was $500 but this one Im about to show is on sale.
What she intends to use it for, streaming movies HD, skype chat, surfing web and casual gaming for myself sometimes.

Please let me know if this is worth the price and if it is not too slow, as well as if it will last a few years, thanks.

Here's the link
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  1. scratch that, but if anybody does decide to reply with feedback is this worth the price ?

    think it has all she will need, hdmi, decent gpu, 4 cores, and pretty good reviews
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    Yes according to benchmarks, the A6-3400M is a very capable GPU and that laptop is worth the money. $429 is a steal
  3. Thank you good sir, that's what I was looking for to seal the deal!
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