ASUS K50C vs X52N


We go with one with those two because of the low price range and ofc the notebook will be used as expected for facebook, youtube, google, Office and some fun photoshop editing.

My dilema lies between these two notebooks:

intel Celeron c220 1.5Ghz
Mobile Sis 672
HDD250GB SATA 7200rpm
1336 x 768 LED HD
Mobile Sis 968 VGA adapter


AMD V120 (i don't know the actual CPU speed)
320 GB HDD (i don't know if its is 7200rpm or lower)
1336x768 hd Display
ATI mobility Radeon 4200

The price budget is relative since i live in Macedonia and yeah pretty low about 250eu and there is some limited choice of laptops for this price range.
i am so sorry for not giving more information since i couldn't find more on google for the X52N-SX386 (try to search it)
So if you have more info on these two notebooks please give some advice what should we go for. We are about to buy one in the next couple of hours so if you could answer fast enough i am in your debts! :)
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  1. AMD V120 Sempron single core 2.2Ghz CPU.

    I could not find anything on a Celeron c220 1.5Ghz
  2. These look to be older models with poor performance.
    I'd suggest they are a poor match for your MS Office and photoshop editing tasks.
  3. Thanks for the info i had the same feeling and we already picked a bit stronger notebook for more like ~50eu .. it works very nice with w7 and all that..
    thank you again ;)
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