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Okay.....So I'm not a techie....but I'm not locked in the stone age either.

I went recently hunting for a driver that I could use in a Win7 machine for a Acer Scan2Web 4300U (Flatbed scanner...oldish). So why the hell does every site I go to now....that EVEN HAS THE DRIVER LISTED force me to get one of these crappy driver updaters. I mean it wouldn't be so bad if it was just something that was loading the driver in and then I can rip it out.....but it isn't even doing that!

Each and every one wants me to pay and won't even let me try and get the driver that the page was pointing in point.

Driver is sitting there with the stats....the one that comes down is this crappy Driver Dective. Is the world of getting the out of date drivers I need gone?

What am I missing here cause these stupid programs aren't even giving me the choice to GET the driver I specified unless I dish out 30 odd bucks.

Can someone explain what I am missing here?
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  1. Don't waste your money, they are all trying to con you into parting with your $$$.
    If you can't get a driver from the manufacturer of your product, then it doesn't exist.
    All these programs do is a search which usually lands you on another site that also wants your cash.
    The $30 would go a fair way to a new scanner.
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