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Hi all, would anyone know how to flash the bios on the above machine as I cannot get past the startup screen so unable to go online or update from within the system.I have the latest bios for the machine just not sure how to get in on,I have done all the usual system repairs and so on and it found nothing
thank you for any help you can give
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  1. All I have got is the startup screen where the microsoft flag loads up then the screen flashes blue and reboots,the problem is it flashes so fast there is no time to read the error codes on it.I have tried everything from win95 through to windows 8 and the same thing.
  2. Thanks for your help,I have already run memtest and it has shown no errors,I am beginning to think its the hhd controller or the chipset drivers that are the problem,but as I have said I am not sure how to install them from the command prompt or if they will even run from the cmd prompt?
    thanks again.
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