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First, let me apologize for posting this in the CPU section. i wish there was a system section...ok, back to the topic.

as always, i'm gonna be short on money. my budget will be around a $1.000. fortunately, i get to keep a few components i already have.

i'm starting out with:

Hard Drive:WD 120 Gb 2mb buffer
12x/10/32x Plextor burner.(very happy with it, no need for 40x)
i'm also keeping webcam, joystick, etc.

so i'll need:

Motherboard (with Raid/Ethernet/Sound Card)
CPU (something good)1rst time in 5 years i think about betraying AMD.
Ram (something good:512 minimum.PS: i am very confused with all the types of ram. please detail.
2nd HD (thinking of getting another 120 WD and raid them)
Videocard (something good. geforce 4200 Ti?)
DVD drive (thinking of a pioneer 16x)
floppy disk (who cares...)
Monitor (19" REQUIRED!!!)
Case (as good as possible, not a priority)
Fan (must be decent so i don't fry the cpu)

the speakers, keyboard, mouse and others can be left out of the price, i'll take care of that later. same goes with the hub. but if u want to propose any, feel free.

for those who don't know the current hardware prices, u can check with or

and as always, thx for your time and your help.

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  1. Consider:
    Motherboard; SOYO Dragon Plus
    Comes with onboard 5.1 Surround Sound, 10/100 Lan, and Promise RAID function controller
    Processor; AMD XP 1900+ = 1600Mhz
    Processor:Heatsink/Fan Not overclocking(Retail Boxed)
    Overclocking(New Volcano 7 produced good numbers, but I personally use a Swiftech MCX462)
    Ram; PC2100DDR Brand= Crucial,Samsung,
    Hardrive try to get an identical match to what you have for running a security RAID.
    Video; Visiontek Gforce4 TI-4400. Stay away from the GF4-MX
    series of cards.
    DVD; what you're looking at is fine
    Best case advise is make sure whatever case you go with it has no less than 300watts power supply.
    Hope this helps you.

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  2. Antec SX635.....or anything performance Antec. I cant recommend their cases enough.

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  3. for video i would recommend the MSI Geforce 4 Ti4400. here is a link:

    beats, or is equal to, the visiontek, and every other Ti 4400, in most benchmarks (plus it is much cheaper: Visiontek= $255 MSI=$229 both prices are from

    everything else that 4ryan6 says looks good
    some of it i cant comment on, though, because it is AMD.

    and i also have the sx635 case by antec. its pretty good, and it has a decent price.


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  4. ryan: your system sounds coherent. but the cpu seems too slow to me. i'm not sure i'd be satisfied with a 2200XP+, let alone a 1900XP+...any way i could get a P4 2.26 Ghz and still make it?

    i've been doing a bit of research at priceline and here is what i got:

    P4 2.26 Ghz $243
    Gigabyte 8IEXP $135
    512 Generic RDRAM $154
    GeForce 4200 Ti $140
    Monitor 19" $180
    WD 2Mb 120Gb $135
    Pioneer 16X $ 45
    Floppy $ 10
    Case $ 30
    Total $1080

    and well, i am not happy at all with the case (i dream about a koolance II for $280 like everybody else). and i would have preferred 1Gb of memory although i am told RDRAM is extremely fast.

    i should have mentionned that CPU speed is more important for me than Graphic card since i do a lot of unraring/dvd ripping/encoding...
    although i would definitely enjoy a card with good tv out since i am watching movies all the time..

    ah well, i'll be waiting for more systems/suggestions

    thank you for your time

  5. so an XP2200 is "insufficent" huh?
    what the buggery will u be doing with it!!!

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