What are some good 13in gaming laptops?

I'm looking for a 13in laptop that has a decent GPU, but also has good battery life so it can be used as a portable system when not gaming. Some things I want are:
Screen: 1366x768 or 1280x800
CPU: Dual Core
GPU: GF GT540M or Radeon equivalent
Battery Life: 5hrs when not gaming
Solid build quality
Decent cooling-I preferably want the gpu under 70C.
No OD would be nice, or an option to replace the OD with a second battery.
Storage-a magnetic drive is fine for me, anything over 500GB works
Budget-under $1200, less is better

Basically, an M11x that is a little bigger and has a more capable CPU.
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    Your best bet is probably the M11x.Most 13" laptops have IGP cards
  2. never mind i just realized theres an m14x :P that is actually perfect for me, other than the fact it is 14 inches, but i can live with that.
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