What's the Hammer FSB?

Does the Hammer have a 266 FSB like the XP ?
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  1. Technically it won't have any FSB.

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  2. However, it looks like it will have something similar to a 166 DDR FSB, given that's the memory it's targeting.

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  3. Anyone ask the question of whether or not the Hammer will be OC'able? I recently read here that it will also have supporting future chipsets for memory advancements. But do you think as is, w/ the on chip mem controller that you can OC it? I doubt AMD will leave the Multiplier door open. Will it not be an ideal enthusiasts chip?

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  4. i think we've been over this, but not sure.

    AFAIK the multiplier is hard locked. No way of unlocking it (like Intels). So you'll have to OC via the FSB. How far will that fly? Who the heck knows.

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  5. Hammer doesn't have a FSB. it has sort of a "Gear" shift inside its memory controler which allows it to change the comunication speed with the memory (ie PC1600, PC2100, PC2700) so its up to AMD.

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