I wanna buy a laptop ...... As i m student nd i luv to play games ......so can any1 recommend me a laptop my budget is upto $600-$620 ..... pls help me choosing a good laptop......!! i hv been searching from HP nd Dell.....!! nd plz chk out this link below i m confused btwn these ........!!! wich a bttr processor AMD A6 or INTEL i3......????

Thnk u. :p
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  1. I dont see any links
    the a6 has athlon II cores well mostly the same as athlon II. its 6% faster than athlon II cores. if your not familiar with athlon IIs then I'll just say that the i3 cores are better, a lot better but the a6 comes with better integrated graphics. now in the $600 price range you can get dedicated graphics that are better, most of the time.
    if i was in your boat i would get one of these
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