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Downgrade to Windows 7 NIGHTMARE!

I bought my gf a laptop that had windows 8 on it. She absolutely hates windows 8 after weeks of trying it. So Im in the process of installing 7 on it.... for 3 days now.

1. Enabled legacy mode in BIOS so install disk would run.
2. Installed windows 7. Found network driver and started updating
3. Tried to run Windows loader (Fail)
4. Got latest loader and tried again (Fail) loader requires drive to be MBR. The motherboard is UEFI so I got an error message about bad partion table. The BIOS on the laptop is HP garbage with no options so...
5. Connected drive to my gaming rig.
6. Formatted the drive clean into NTFS
7. Converted partion to MBR
8. Set my disk drive to SATA so it would install onto MBR partition.
9. Windows installed fully and works
10. Removed the drive and reinstalled in into laptop.

Now Im stuck. It doesnt boot to the hard drive. I have legacy enabled. I tried to use the disk to repair startup and nothing. Also in the box where the OS should be listed when i click repair it doesnt show. It says if you dont see your OS listed here then install driver for the hard disk. I dont get it. Please help if you can. Thanks guys.
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  1. Is it a genuine copy of Windows 7?
  2. I had called microsoft last year because I had trouble with my pc and they sent me out an install disk. I have used it numerous times up to this point with no troubles at all. Even on another laptop.
  3. It just needs to be activated once its up and running
  4. Apologies for the lack of info I just realized. The laptop is a g7-2275dx. At this point Im thinking maybe I need a driver for the hard drive. That seems like whats missing when I get into system repair. Ive never heard of needing a driver for a hard disk though.
  5. If it's a generic win 7 disc I would imagine you will need the drivers specific for your laptop.
    This is why many companies sell discs specific per model of computer or have a recovery partition where a copy of the OS with the required drivers for that make and model are already included
  6. The problem is Im going from windows 8 to 7 so the recovery partition was useless to me. The driver disk would be as well. Im trying to hunt down a driver or anything to help me get the hard drive recognized again. Its a Hitachi 5K750-640
  7. check to see if you have it set to ahci in bios if so turn it off and try the install you can turn ahci back on later with a simple regedit just google it.
  8. A trip to the Hitachi site tells me it is a Advanced Format drive, normally not a problem with Windows 7 or 8, However from the compatibility guide pdf provided, it says:

    Note: Windows 7 users of Advanced Format drives are encouraged by Microsoft (and Hitachi) to apply Microsoft hotfix KB982018. Windows 7 may fail to install on Advanced Format drives. The problem is a lack of tolerance for drives that report themselves as Advanced Format drives in Identify Device words 106 & 209. The symptom is a Windows installation message to the effect of "cannot continue installation." Advanced Format drives that do not identify themselves as such do not appear to be affected.

    This is a known Microsoft bug, and Microsoft has identified two workarounds.
    - Use latest vendor-specific SATA drives from Intel (see above), AMD, NVIDIA, etc. during Windows installation
    - Slipstream KB982018 hotfix into Win7 installation media prior to Win7 installation
    Regardless of the method used to work around the Windows installation problem, if any such workaround is needed, it is still recommended to apply hotfix KB982018 (if Win7) and up-to-date SATA controller drivers."

    I can't figure out how to upload the pdf so here is the URL

    I found the above in the "Compatibility Guide" Hope this helps
  9. It is really hard to say as that laptop was made for Windows 8 and intended to be run on Windows 8. If your girlfriend had given Windows 8 even half a chance she would have liked it. Fact is if HP does not release drivers for Windows 7 for that laptop it may never support it. Her best bet would have been to actually use Windows 8 and learn how to use it instead of not even giving it a fair chance.
  10. I would call using it since Christmas and reading help articles from pcworld and others to learn tricks a fair chance. I hate it too. XP to Windows 7 was a mild step forward but EPIC at the same time. Windows 8 they went for too big of a change. Believe me that myself and millions of others have given it a fair shake. I hate it.
  11. Franz you are the man for doing all that research for me! I appreciate it. I think you may have answered my question. Im working on it right now.
  12. Windows loader? Definitely a cracked copy I will not help you at all in this matter. Go buy the legit copy of windows.

    I know a few things about Windows loader and it circumvents the copy protection on Windows as I have seen it a few times in my line of work.
  13. mightymaxio said:
    Windows loader? Definitely a cracked copy I will not help you at all in this matter. Go buy the legit copy of windows.

    I know a few things about Windows loader and it circumvents the copy protection on Windows as I have seen it a few times in my line of work.

    Look. The laptop I just bought HAD windows on it. Its not like I built a new pc. HP will not help at all in this matter like most other manufacturers will. Times are tough and Im trying to save a few bucks. Can you really blame me? I mean really.
  14. *All you had to do was install START8 from Stardock.

    Windows 8 is superior to Windows 7 in many ways including Security, boot times and more. The interface issue is completely avoidable with the $5 program Start8. Go BACK to Windows 8.

    Here's how to get sorted:

    1. Boot and press the proper key (F?) to start the FACTORY RESTORE (the backup of Windows 8 should be on a hidden partition of your hard drive).

    2. Confirm Windows 8 works.

    3. Get Start8 from Stardock:
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    You are a Regular here. Which means youve spent time posting and responding to questions for help. In all that time you havent seen the FLOOD of people asking for keys and codes and cracked sh!t? Really? Im assuming you already knew what you were gonna ask wasnt allowed but figured people would let it slide. Someone did a lot of research for your issue and you are using a pirated Windows. You sir are an idiot.

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