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Look! Look what I've done

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July 19, 2002 8:39:13 AM

I post this here, because the main conclusion is that C3 doesn't worth!

I bought Asus a7v333 and Duron 1200(tired of waiting XP
1700(0.13)) two days ago.

<b>A7V333 VID1-4 jumpers and C.O.P. stuffs:</b>
I was very disappointed with the difficult voltage
adjustment and the weak documentation. After 4-5 hours of
experiments I discovered the mysterious meaning of VID1-4
jumpers. It's very simple indeed. (All the jumper are in
1-2 position). When Vid4 jumper is missing the default
voltage is lowered with 0.4V, the absence of vid3 with
0.2v, vid2 with 0.1V, vid1 with 0.05. When all the jumpers are on (1-2 position) the default voltage is 1.85/1.825.I checked all the 16 possibilities, trust me.
Also disappointed that there is no 5X, 5.5X and 6X
multiplier and the C.O.P. doesn't work with Morgan core,
although it has thermal diode - I set the threshold to
70(with the 10008 BIOS) removed the fan and waited ... I
turned off my computer at 76 manually, the C.O.P. didn't
work out :( 

<b>What I did?</b>
Amazing uderclock, of course :) . I set the multiplier to
6.5X and the vcore to 1.3(real vcore was 1.34, I don't
know why?). Let's see how many watts we saved!!
First lowering the voltage from 1.75 to 1.3 -
1.75/1.3=1.346; 1.346*1.346=1.81; the wattage should lower
1.81 times (Am I right?)
Now from 1200MHz to 650Mhz will lower the power consumption
1200/650=1.846 time. Duron 1200 dissipates about 54W.
So my cpu must now consume about (54W/1.846)/1.81=16.6
Watts!(There may be some errors in my calculations buts
it's somewhere there) That's almost as low as C3 1GHz(12W), I'll
run some benchmarks soon to prove that my CPU is faster
than C3,if someone is not absolutely sure. So we have
faster cpu than c3 and at the same price!! Don't buy C3,
friends! Furthermore XP 1700(0.13) underclocking will be
even more successful I guess :) 
Can my CPU run fanless? Of course! With ordinary heatsink
(Titan 1500, or something like that) my CPU runs at 70
degrees(room temperature is 28), it is idle temperature.
I'll install soon ud agent [link][/link] and will see
what will happen after 10-12 hours :) .
My PSU is with papst fan at 12db (1700 r/p, I don't
recommend it anyway) and is a little more load than my
Seagate Barracuda IV(that one I recommend :) ).
Be happy, run fanless!
I put the fan on the cpu - papst 2200 r/m, and what do I see - it runs at 1300 r/p, so the asus q-fan is really doing great job, I'm gonna leave it that way until I get fanless PSU :cool: . Ohhh so happy

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August 14, 2002 5:36:35 AM

To calculate power you need any two of the voltage, amperage or resistance. We know the voltage of your durron before and after but we don't know your current or resistance. And we only know the power of the C3. None of which actually matters to your cpu speed that I know of?? Does the formula you used actually exist??

Which benchmarks will you be comparing to, a system with close ram speed set up the same with the same O/S, with the same MB, tall order.

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August 14, 2002 10:25:31 PM

The heat in Watts it dissapates is different from the amount of power it consumes. The power it consumes would likely be somewhat higher. I don't know if the current is adjusted (as in increased) to compensate for the lower voltage in order to maintain a workable power. If that is the case, it is kinda worse as more current means more heat.

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August 15, 2002 2:03:03 AM

here is a forumal for calculating the wattage of your CPU.

Wattage = Stock Max Wattage X (Current Mhz / Stock Mhz) X (Current Vcore ^2 / Stock Vcore ^2)

Stock wattages can be found here:
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

so in your case we get...

wattage = 54.7W * (650/1200) * (1.30^2/1.75^2)
wattage = 16.35W

note: this equation is mostly for overclocking... not sure how it applies for underclocking lol
no wonder u can run fanless

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