Purchasing First Laptop - A couple questions

I'm in the process of finding a laptop to purchase. I'l be using it primarily for school, general internet browsing, watching videos/movies and perhaps light gaming. I thought I had a clear idea of what to look for but I've been getting conflicting info from people I've been asking. I've had these laptops recommended for me:

Acer Aspire AS5560G-SB448

lenovo IdeaPad Z570

lenovo IdeaPad Z575


I'm a bit lost at this point when trying to figure out whats better between a dual core and quad core or what exactly constitutes as a good GPU for laptops. I'm trying to keep the cost relatively low, but would it be worth it to go for something like this?

Asus K53SV-B1

Im open to other recommendations, but keep in mind that I am in Canada so the site would have to ship there. Thank you.
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  1. Hello LeetGoose;

    What is "light gaming"? That's not specific enough to answer your question.
    Gaming, and what your gaming expectations are, is often the difference between a $500 and $750 laptop.

    Also, check your links. It looks like the Z570 / Z575 are using the same link.
  2. Thanks, I have fixed that. By light gaming I mean that it won't be very often. I have a desktop which I use for gaming, so this laptop would only be occasionally used if I'm with friends or I'm on some sort of trip. It does not need to run games with high end settings. If it can run something like Starcraft 2 well than that would be fine. The primary use will be for school and general use.
  3. All of those options will do well for your primary purposes with no limitations.
    As would this $500 laptop.

    And all of those options will run Starcraft 2 well on low graphics settings.
    Any of the GT 540M or HD 6550M equipped laptops should run Starcraft 2 well on medium graphics settings
  4. Out of the first four I had posted which would you recommend. I know may not be necessarily this simple, but which of the four is the "best" so to speak?
  5. I've narrowed my choice down to either

    The Acer



    Is the extra $150 worth the jump to the MSI? My main concern is in the CPU. It seems as though the i5 is much better according to this http://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Processors-Benchmarklist.2436.0.html
  6. Anyone able to help?
  7. Acer aspire is considered to the most cost effective among laptops around 500 dollars.

    However the battery life is not that good( I dont know how good the battery of msi is, so try to compare between them).
    The core I5 and the 2.30GHz speed processors, favours the MSI, while it is a bit costlier though).
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