My new comp. setup

thinking of buildin a comp with the following items, i need suggestions of any kind. Also tell me if i should wait for a faster CPU or Radeon 9700:

-P4 2.53GHZ
-Gigabyte GA-8ihxp mobo
-2x256 kingston pc1066 memory 32ns
-WD 80gb 7200rpm 8mb special edition (i dont get how u need more than 80 gb)
-GeForce4 Ti 4600 (dont know what brand is best)
-DvD rom (dont know what brand is better, maybe sony?)
-floppy drive
-Creative Audigy Gamer
-im thinking klipsch 2.1 speakers but since im spending a lot of money already i might not get them, and 4.1 is too much i think
-koolance case with watercooling (need input on this)
-enermaxx 431w power supply
-monitor (dont know but i need ur help, 19 inch flat CRT is what i want, NEC maybe?)
-win xp pro....
-and maybe plextor cd burner 24x10x40 (if theres anything left in my wallet)

Please i need your input, and tell me if i should wait for radeon 9700, a new cpu or anything new thats gonna come out. thanks

the worst failure is not go ahead and TRY to overclock your cpu to 5ghz
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  1. I'm by no means an expert...I actually hardly know anything about overclocking etc., but What I do know from what I've read is:
    1) P4 2.53 is a waste of money. Buy a slower "A" processor and overclock it. 1.8A can almost always go to 2.4 out of the box, and is MUCH cheaper than a 2.53
    2) Buy the Ti4600 now, and in a month if you want, sell the Ti4600 and use that money as well as the money saved from the processor and buy the 9700.
    3) I'm not exactly sure about the water cooling, but from my perspective the P4s are fairly good as far as heat goes, and water cooling seems to be something that goes more often with AMDs. I personally would save the couple hundred bucks and go with regular air cooling.

    Just my two cents.
    - Ian
  2. I agree that saving money is important, but if i buy a 2.53ghz cpu and overclock it, i can get a faster speed which will last longer than an overclocked 1.8. the water system will ensure me to safely overclock the 2.53ghz to faster speeds. About the ti4600, i agree with you, i think i will wait for 9700 radeon

    the worst failure is not go ahead and TRY to overclock your cpu to 5ghz
  3. These are the P4 prices from
    1.8A - $165
    2A - $198
    2.2 - $245
    2.4 - $370
    2.53 - $640

    Even if you don't want to drop down to a 1.8, you could still drop to a 2.4 and save a hefty $270. I guess it's up to you: is an extra 133Mhz worth $270 to you? Besides, if you spend your money on the water cooler, you'll most likely be able to get a 2.4 past 3Ghz by a little bit.
  4. Air cooling can get you past 3GHz. With water cooling, I'd bet 3.5GHz would be possible.

    :wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
  5. i c, what other recommendations would u make?

    the worst failure is not go ahead and TRY to overclock your cpu to 5ghz
  6. Here is the scoop on Koolance cases. They are only slightly better than air cooling (Approx 7-8 degrees well that's still pretty good). The great thing about them is that they are much quieter (No loud ass whiny fans) than air cooling (Unless your using the stock intel cooler). If you want a more heavy duty prebuilt watercooling rig then try the swiftech but it comes at greater price. I'm not knocking the Koolance cases, Koolance is mainly for moderate overclocking, quiet running with a decent price and easy setup. (Plus some of them look pretty cool) I doubt you'll get to or over 3Ghz with a Koolance case.

    One more thing, skip the Plextor 24x CD burner, for some reason they seemed to miss the ball on this one. Thier previous and later models are much better. Find another (Cheaper) burner like the Liteon 24x burner. I am only saying this as pertaining to using CD burners for trying to bypass copy protection. If that is not your thing then go with the Plextor.

    Happy Shopping

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  7. I'd drop the 2.53Ghz and go for the 2.4 or a bit less and spend the money on something else.
    Unless you're REALLY in to overclocking I'd drop the koolance. The premium you'd pay is not worth it.
    Big drives are useful for video editing, my friend. If you're not in to that, you'll be satisfied with a 60Gb drive. The new 8Mb edition from WD could come at a great premium.
    Radeon 9700 is due somewhere towards the end of August (in Canada at least). If you can, wait for it. But then, it won't come cheap either and the drivers might be an itsy bit uncompleted.
    DVD-ROM should definitely be a Pioneer 106S.
    With the money you'd save on the above, you could afford the 4.1 or even a 5.1.
    NEC Monitors are good stuff (maybe the FE990 is to be considered).
    Plextor is great, as is Yamaha 3200.

    If you wanna save some more and get kick ass other components with the money you'd save, go AMD. Not saying that P4 is not the way to go, but it is just more expensive.

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  8. isn't the P4 2.5Ghz a good overclocker? Isn't it worth to have 533FSB to compliment the PC1066 RDRAM? I believe a P4 2.4 comes in 533FSB but is a 1.8A 533FSB? How about waiting for the new Serial ATA drives, will they really push the transfers as close as the theoretical speed, like reach at least 80mb/sec?
  9. The pioneer 106s (slot loading) is a fantastic DVD-ROM

  10. thanks for all your feedback, i think ill wait a bit for lower prices... more feedback is always welcome.

    the worst failure is not go ahead and TRY to overclock your cpu to 5ghz
  11. ohh about swiftec water coolers, where can i find their webpage and where can i buy their products

    the worst failure is not go ahead and TRY to overclock your cpu to 5ghz
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