Dell inspiron 1545 bios password removal

how can l clear my bios password.
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  1. Contact Dell.
    We do not support password recovery/reset.
    It might not be your laptop. We don't know.
    Dell support can fix you up in 5 minutes if it is your laptop.
  2. ^ +1

    i consider it suspicious whenever someone's first post is regarding circumventing a 'forgotten' password on a laptop.
    i consider my suspicions correct if the op doesn't return to post a second time.
  3. hello, i do computer maintenance and repairs for a local pawn shop, and password resets and recovery are my bread and butter. so, pls dont assume someone stole a machine when they ask for help regarding this subject.
  4. I have the same problem with a dell laptop that was only purchased last month. my friends daughter has set a password which we now can't get passed. Was on to dell for 90 minutes yesterday.......still not!
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