I7 2630qm vs i5 2410m

hey m looking forward to buy an hp dv6 6121tx having i7 2630qm processor..but still confused with hp dv6 6119tx having i5 2410m processor with all other specifications same as the former..so plz u guys help me in chosing d better one for fine perfomance n good longivity.

further i also inform u that hp dv6 6121tx is loaded with 2gb ATI radeon 6770 graphics ,where as hp dv6 6119tx is loaded with 1gb ATI radeon 6490 graphics...plz plz plz guide me.

thanks in advance to all of u..
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  1. The i7 is a faster processor than the i5, and the 6770 is a much faster graphics processor than the 6490.

    This means that the DV6 6121tx is overall faster, and much better for gaming than the DV6 6119tx.

    How much more expensive is the DV6 6121tx? And what will you be using the computer for?
  2. The i7 vs the i5 only changes if we talk about multithreading applications. And those dont appear too often. So if you will be doing video encoding, streaming, and stuff like that, the i7 will be far stronger.

    If you plan to play games, the diffrence will many times benefit the i5 for its lower temperature, that allows it to function at higher speeds.

    The 6770 Is a lot faster than the 6490, but its not going to give you "amazing resolutions and graphics".

    Check notebookcheck.org, select the english flag (for english language in case yours is diffrent) and look at the right for mobile gpu comparison.

    There you can compare diffrent mobile procesors and gpus and see how they worked on diffrent games depending on the laptop and its settings.
    Important: to see the information, you need to click on the "frame rates". Each framerate is for each laptop in a game. And if you go over the description of the settings (low/mid/high/very hig) it will tell you what is the resolution, as well as antialiasing.
  3. Please disregard what cats_paw wrote. It is true that an i7 will run a bit hotter, however the i7 will absolutely always outperform the i5 even in single thread applications. The reason is that it has much higher CPC (calculations per cycle) multiplier. However it will eat through the battery in a notebook.
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