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i need to know a hp laptop that is under 500 and will play minecraft with
1. at least normal render
2. fast graphics (i do not care to spend way more money on fancy graphics)
3.no lag
4. able to use skype at the same time
5. able to play for more than 3 houres
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  1. your #5 point. i hope you dont expect to play games for 3+ hours on battery alone.

    thats going to be a far stretch on even an expensive laptop.
  2. #2 - Fast graphics , fancy graphics ... I don't know what you mean.
    #5 - As long as you plug into an A/C outlet.
  3. Minimum:
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    OpenGL: 1.4
    Processor: 2.0 MHz (Single Core)
    RAM: 1 GB(XP), 1.5 GB(7), 2.0 GB(Vista)
    Hard Drive: 80 MB Free
    Video: 128MB RAM

    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    OpenGL: 2.0
    Processor: 2.5 MHz (Single Core)
    RAM: 2 GB(XP), 3 GB(Vista/7)
    Hard Drive: 256 MB Free
    Video: 128MB RAM

    I saw a lot of decent laptops at hp.com. it's decent to run any games even minecraft.

    Instead of giving you suggestions which specific laptops to buy, i give you list of laptops to avoid.

    1st - mini laptopns/ netbooks - avoid them.
    2nd - look for at least 2ghz and 2gb ram.

    recommended - Everyday Computing/UltraPortable/HighPerformance laptop.

    best - Envy Laptops but thats too much just for minecraft.

    favorite - HP Pavilion dv6t series or HP Pavilion dv4t series (upgraded to Corei3)
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