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building a system just want any input before i for out the 1700 bucks:
Tyan tiger s2460 $97.00
AMD 2x athlon XP 2100 $332.00
Samsung DDR2100 $160.00
Maxtor 2x 4D080H3 $160.00
MSI geforce 4 Ti 4400 $210.00
15" LCD $340.00
Lite On 32x CDRW $52.00
hitachi 16x DVD $39.00
3Ware 5400s RAID $18.00
the main things i have in question are the AThlon XP to MP conversion, i know that you are supposed to just use conductive paint on the brige, but any one have any expireinces with this. I also am wondering if the mobo is good or should i just spend more and get an MPX chipset.
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  1. I have to say that is a pretty cool setup. I am not familiar with the motherboard as I don't follow reviews on the dually boards. Why not just spend the xtra couple of bucks and buy the mps. They are unlocked for you already so you won't have to do any mods to them.
  2. why the lcd? unless if you are going to use your computer for web and word processing or you need space desperately, you would be better off with a CRT. A nice flat CRT 17 inches or maybe more is around 400... think of the applications you will use. crt have better image quality and refresh better....but im sure u know that. also why the dually setup. not many applications take advantage of dual cpu so might not be so good for you...

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  3. If you´re really building a dual CPU system, and you need that sort of power, I´d also invest in a cooler monitor! With a system like that you´d have a 17" or a 19-21" CRT, at least for showing off!
  4. I agree with the other guys on the monitor thing. You can have a 19-incher CRT for the price of 15" LCD.
    Why a dual setup? Are you running a server?
    Drop the dualie and put the money on a Plextor or Yamaha 3200 burner and Pioneer 106 DVD instead.
    Also, why two 80Gb drives? There's no RAID on your board.
    Get a smaller one, say 40Gb, for your system files and programs and the 80Gb could be use for storing data, unless of course the price difference is minimal.

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  5. Why a dual setup? Are you running a server?

    I totally agree. If your not setting up a server, or a huge data base that get quieried every 2 minutes, they thats over kill. The second Cpu will hardly jump. Like Oracle suggests, save some money drop the second cpu, use a 2200+ instead, load a gig of pc 2700 (2.0 or clock 2.5 to 1.5). Everyone else seems to be right too. 1700 is alot of money when your talking about AMD based machines.

    Oh yeah by the way.. what do you plan to power this all with ?


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