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Hello everyone. im a pretty hardcore gamer and as yall all prolly know to play online u MUST use a headset. well im really really tired of having to unplug and replug in my headset everytime i want to watch a movie or whatnot. Im using windows 7 at the moment. i was wondering if there was anyway to make a shortcut or a macro that will switch between my speakers and my headset without having to unplug them. plz and thanks in advance
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  1. i have logitech z-3 speakers, it has remote wire control in which I can plug in headset, and the speakers turn off automatically. Before this, i made a simple switcher by myself, its not so hard, maybe ask someone that works in a electronics repair shop.
  2. If you only use your headset for the mic then set that to the communication device and your speakers to the sound device. Otherwise Windows 7 should pick up the change automatically when you plug and unplug your headphones.
  3. yeah i know. i want to make a macro though that will make the computer think that my headset just isnt there. i use my headset for the speakers to be right next to my ears (to hear footsteps better) AND the mic.
  4. Use a 3.5mm plug extention cable. Plug it into your headphone/speaker out jack, and put the other end somewhere convenient. Plug your headphones in to the cable as needed.

    If your using onboard and have your computer connected to your stereo with a digital connection, you should be able to switch which output to use.
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