Is it really worth upgrading?

Hey fellas! My friend has a Slot 1 BX series mobos w/ a celeron 500mhz. He has a 20 gig HD, 256mb PC100, DVDROM and an ATI Rage 16mb. He wants to upgrade his CPU Powerleap iP3t adapter w/ a 1.2 Tualatin processor for $150 and upgrade his video card to a geforce 3 for $100 cuz he has AGP2x. Will spending $250 help him to play games like max payne, MoH:AA, or Warcraft 3? Thanx for your time guys?
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  1. if he needs to play warcraft, then tell him to upgrade. maybe things might work with upgrading the VGA card only, but i can`t be sure(cel500 is pretty slow for 3d games released recently).
    but cel500 is`t that bad so far. maybe upgrading the VGA only, and waiting a few more months and upgrade to a t-bred might be better.

    Be nice.
  2. Yes upgrade he will notice a huge differce from a celly 500 to a 1ghz plus p3. Besides Warcraft has high requirements:

    Recommended is 600 Mhz 256 ram 32Mb 3d card.

    I would really suggest he upgrade I have a Radeon 8500 and a Athlon 1700+ and it locks up on me every once in a while. I wouldn't wanna be playing with the minimum recommended!
  3. Ok maybe i should tell him to consider upgrading so he'll be satisfied now judging by your enthusiasm i think games will run pretty good until he gets a new rig...thanx fellas! Your opinions are much appreciated! BTW, is the 100mhz FSB too much of a bottleneck?
  4. The 100 mhz fsb is a bottleneck. I would really like to suggest him to buy a new motherboard and go with a athlon 1600+ or faster but I think that upgrading to the P3 would hold him out for another year or 2 I would say.
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