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upgrade my celeron slot 1 to PIII

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July 22, 2002 2:26:42 PM

Thanks a lot, cause I've been searching for this answer for a long time. You're my last chance!

I have a celeron 400 mhz (slot1) with 66mhz bus. I need to upgrade it to at least a PIII 800 mhz, but it is on a socket 370. My motherboard is a QDI legend V, and in the technical info, they say I can upgrade max to a celeron 533. Is there a way, using an adapter, that I can upgrade my CPU??? Will the motherboard support the changes??? Will I need better fans???

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July 22, 2002 3:27:38 PM

I think thisis a double post, but to sum up, yes there are alot of those adapters, but priced at nearly 200, I would suggest a cheaper AMD + a mobo for that price


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July 22, 2002 3:42:59 PM

I have a adapter that converts a slot one to socket 370 and it did not cost me $200. Im surprised that your celly has lasted you this long as a slot one though, mine burned up within a year. intel claimed that they did not intend for the Celeron to be run on a slot one motherboard. Anyway, buy you a Cheap AMD or Intel setup. It will probably be cheaper.
July 22, 2002 3:52:46 PM

You might be heading into trouble!
There is a possibility by using a slotket adapter. Asus used to make one with onboard voltage regulator. The problem might be with your FSB. Some rare PIII 800Mhz run at 100Mhz FSB and most Coppermine core P3s run at 133 Mhz FSB. The 440LX chipset doesn't support very well anything over 66Mhz FSB, unlike it's BX big brother which could be overclocked at 133Mhz.
It would probably be cheaper to switch to another platform altogether (CPU-Mobo-RAM).

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July 22, 2002 8:13:08 PM

You already asked, and I already said no, it can't be done on your board.

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July 23, 2002 10:21:18 AM

I can't understand what your chipset is.
If it's LX/EX, you may upgrade it only to 533MHz. After updating BIOS (if it's possible) you may put in Celeron 533 MHz.
If the chipset is BX/ZX or Via, you may experiment with faster CPU, on 100 or even 133 MHz bus. In the worst case then, you could plug in 500MHz PIII Katmai, which will increase the performance by 20-40%, depending on applications you're running.
Adding more -and faster- RAM is effective and cheap.
Your video card is old. If you play games, change it with newer and faster one.