upgrading a p3 500 to something faster

I want to upgrade this computer for a really cheap price. I.E. less than 100$. I need help though on how to do it/ or if it is possible. Here is some info from wcpuid:

[ WCPUID Version 3.0 (c) 1996-2001 By H.Oda! ]

Processor #1 : Intel Pentium III / 9A139656
Platform : Slot 1 (SC242 Connector)
Vendor String : GenuineIntel
CPU Type : Original OEM Processor (0)
Family : 6 (-)
Model : 7 (-)
Stepping ID : 3 (-)
Brand : ----
APIC : ----
Name String : ----

Internal Clock : 498.85 MHz
System Bus : 99.77 MHz
System Clock : 99.77 MHz
Multiplier : 5.0

L1 I-Cache : 16K Byte
L1 D-Cache : 16K Byte
L1 T-Cache : ----
L1 Cache : ----
L2 Cache : 512K Byte
L2 Speed : 249.42 MHz (Half)

MMX Unit : Supported
SSE Unit : Supported
SSE2 Unit : Not Supported
MMX2 Unit : Not Supported
3DNow! Unit : Not Supported
3DNow!+ Unit : Not Supported

Host Bridge : 8086:7190.03 [Intel 440BX/ZX/DX]
IDE Controller : 8086:7111.01 [Intel 82371AB/EB/MB (PIIX4)]
VGA Device : 10DE:002D.15 [NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64]
Memory Size : 256M Byte
Memory Clock : ----

OS Version : Windows XP Version 5.01.2600
-------------- : -----------------------------------
StdFunc 0 : 00000002 756E6547 6C65746E 49656E69
StdFunc 1 : 00000673 00000000 00000000 0383F9FF
StdFunc 2 : 03020101 00000000 00000000 0C040843
00000017h : 51010000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0000001Bh : 00000000 FEE00100 00000000 00000000
0000002Ah : 00000000 C4080000 00000000 00000000
00000119h : 00000000 00200003 00000000 00000000
0000011Eh : 00000000 01344531 00000000 00000000

##--- Date 07/22/2002, Time 20:18:19

Thanks for your help.
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  1. okay... there are a number of things you can do to improve performance, including getting a faster hard drive (thinggies load faster), getting more ram (less swapping so your system runs more efficiently) and a better cpu.

    regarding your CPU, the best method is:
    A. find out the make and model of your motherboard.
    B. go to the manufacturers website, seach for your product and find out what speed processors will work in it.
    C. go shopping for the fastest/most affordable upgrade that will work.

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  2. Hopefully, your board will be one that supports 133MHz FSB, but something tells me you probably have an OEM system, or Intel board, that won't allow it. Also, your CPU can't be overclocked much, you would need a new one.

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  3. What is your budget? If we know that we can try give you some recomentdations you can afford. Cheap to you might be $500 or $50 we don't know ;)
  4. Not me, I'm building a new system whenever I get the paperwork straight.

    <font color=blue>At least half of all problems are caused by an insufficient power supply!</font color=blue>
  5. You have a P3 Katmai processor like me (I've got a 600 Mhz on one computer). Like Crashman said, it's not really overclockable unless you push the FSB up (which you could do since you have a BX chipset). But be aware that other components might not take such a beating.

    There's many upgrade possibilities, but like it was said, we need a price range.

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  6. For $100 get ElitegroupK7S5AL + Duron 1 GHz. Then you may use your SDRAM-modules and later may replace it with DDR (this mobo supports both).If you can sell your old mobo, CPU and videocard, you may buy new videocard.You may also by a newest versions with 333MHz chipset (KT333 or SIS745) at the same price, but then you must buy also DDR modules (and try selling your SDRAM).
  7. I have a Dell XPS T500 (No flaming please-I did not buy). Will this mobo fit in the case?

    Also, it has a 200W power supply - will this be enough?

    One more thing...would an athlon thunderbird 950mhz or around there be a better deal?
  8. You know my personal opinion on this? It just ain't worth to think of upgrading this Dell box anymore, either entirely, or just piece by piece. Just consider a new system, and transfer your Dell's PCI and AGP stuff into it, along with the hard drive if needed, but IMO you're at a point where even special upgrade components like the ones Crashman deals with are less beneficial and next to useless. Had it been a Coppermine, maybe Crash's recommendations would be much more feasible, but hereon, you'd best get a new system. But that's IMO.

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  9. IMO your opinion is a little too late. I just bought a Socket A Athlon Thunderbird 1ghz - let me know if this is a problem
  10. Unfortunately you may just have jumped the gun. Some of the Dell cases use their own proprietary motheboard and power supply designs. Its not quite atx spec. You may have to modify both your case and your power supply (or get new ones) just to get whatever board you buy to work.
  11. Yes but how did you put it?
    I don't get it when you say you purchased a Socket A Tbird. Where, for what, on what?

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  12. You have at least to buy a new power supply. For this CPU (if you haven't many drives) 250W is enough, but you may buy 300W or above.
    Second, I have no idea if the mobo will fit in your case. Go to the Elitgroup site and find the size of the mobo. You may either buy a smaller mobo (usually with less PCI and DIMM slots) or buy a new case. A new case with at least 300 W power supply is $20-22 here in Bulgaria. You could find a 16$ case, but it's with 230W. These cases are Chinese and some of them are not very reliable. But for $30 there are better cases.
  13. I would buy a new proc, p3 1ghz's are plenty fast if your board can support them

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