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Hi'ya All,
I am very frustrated at my XP boot up time; its quite long. After boot up, using WinRamTurbo XP, shows Free RAM going down to 6% and Memory Load as 93%. While it attempts to recover the ram, everything is frozen. Sometimes, twice already I get the blue screen with diff notices. My rig: AMD XP1700, vulcano 7,128DDR pc2100 Kingston @2 row 1&2,Seagate 40/7200,Enermax 350w,cdwr,msi kt3Ultra,msi g4mmx440. I have followed BIOS setup from MSI site, but am very frustrated. Any suggestions, ideas are appreciated. (Sorry for the lenghty problem) Thanks
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  1. Is it actually the OS that boots up slow or the pre-OS stuff?

    If it's the OS, try downloading and running 'bootvis.exe' from Microsoft. Disable any unnecessary services as well as any programs that you don't need at startup.
    Have you tries turning off WinRAMTurbo at startup? - it could be that it is aggressively claiming back memory whilst other files are loading and taking up resources. Does it come with a option to delay it working?

    If it takes a long time to boot before the OS, you could try:
    Getting a BIOS update
    Disabling 'boot up floppy seek' in the BIOS
    Changing the boot sequence so that your HD is first
    Disabling unused devices (perhaps the second IDE controller)
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