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I want to hear opinions about the notebook HP Pavilion DV6 3052nr.

Is one of the most powerful for gaming for example?

I am studing computer engineering, so i need it for programming.

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  1. It's last generation's tech so would recommend against it. The cpu is still pretty high for a laptop but the gpu is low end. What are you going to use it for? You mentioned gaming but you said you need it for programming? Also, what is your budget and we may help you pick a better one.
  2. Hi, the use is for work and school. Mostly surf in internet, and programming (Visual Studio 2010).

    When I say games, I am not talking about the lastest, for example the only game I will play is Dota 2. This notebook I think it can run it.

    Also other models of notebook that have where I am going to buy are:
    DV7-4165DX But is not so powerful than the other.
    Sony Quick 2310m.
    Dell Inspiron 15R (Intel I5, RAM 4 Gb).

    What do you recommend?

  3. I need to know your budget, these models range from $500-$1000 and that's a big range from mid-low to high end. The new intel cpus have 4 numbers; 2xxx and would be better imo than the new amd a series for your uses. There's no reason to get old tech, the prices don't really drop for laptops.
  4. Hi again, i have 1000 US Dollars but the problem is that i am from Argentina, so here I cannot buy the same than in USA.

    So in your opinion HP 3052nr is not a really good choice for my purpose?

    Thanks, and sorry about my English.
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