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Well, my Gatewat MX-7120 is close to finally biting the dust. It's been a most faithful warhorse over the past 6 years. Went to Tanzania, Canada, The Bahamas, even California with nary a hiccup. (FWIW - In Africa all I needed to do was attach a plug adapter and plug it in. Didn't even need a voltage converter.) So, since I can now barely get 2 hours life out of it on battery and back-light for the screen is getting even funkier I want to replace it. One thing I'm insisting on is LONG battery life, numeric keypad, and a minimum 15.6" screen.
I saw in the recent Office Depot flyer they had the ASUS U56E-RBL7 (Intel Core-5) and U56E-RBL5 (Intel Core-3) with claimed life of 6+ hours. That's more than twice what my Gateway had new.
Are these Office Depot only machines since I can find nothing on them even at the ASUS web site? I've a lot of good things about ASUS. Any other laptops come close in specs?
Does anyone having to say about the HP Pavilion line? They have on, a dv7 I think, that has about the same specs bot only around 6 hours battery life.
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  1. HP build quality is contested upon but the acclaimed battery life on the 9-cell batteries they sell is good. Some of Lenovo's Thinkpad series claims 25+ hours of battery life, if you're willing to put some weight on it. Now that's some battery life. But it all depends on your budget.

    They all have an i5 processor, and choosing the 9cell, and the additional slice battery, gives you up to 30 hours, from what I've been reading. I haven't done a ton of research on this however, so I don't know if there are any catches or whatnot.
  2. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I need a minimum 15.6" screen, 17" is better. And why would I want to go back to 80's with a screen that size or smaller?
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