What does this ThinkPad Screen Mean?

Anyone know what this screen means?

I'm interested in getting FreeBSD running on this older Thinkpad to play around with the system, however, I gotta figure out what this means. Machine powers up but then displays this image.
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  1. Looks like someone made a custom boot image or maybe a bios screen. Is that as far as it goes? Can you get to the BIOS or is that it?
  2. I believe this is as far as it gets. I haven't seen it in person yet, just found someone selling it while looking for a cheap laptop for FreeBSD.
  3. Well the image is that of a floppy disc (duh) maybe there is one inside the machine or they have some sort of program that needs the floppy to boot?
  4. Yeah I've contacted the seller and will see if I can swing by and see it in person.
  5. No response from the guy. Guess I'll continue my search elsewhere. Thanks for the feedback anyways.
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