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Ok so my laptop hp dv4 was working and everything, then all of a sudden it freezes at boot screen logo of windows 7. I cant go into safe mode and stuff, I even tryed to boot, boot discs such as windows and boot hiren and it all freezez, I also cant boot from usb for some reason. It was working fines seriously I need a fix.I have reset the bios by removing the batter for 10 mins. I have even bought new ram. WHAT IS WRONG.
Before this happened the last thing I did was boot windows of a another hard drive and it worked fine I swithc hard drives again and it happened. I dont think that has anything to do with it. What is wrong. :pfff: :pfff: :pfff: :pfff:
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  1. Try the other drive see if that still works. If the drive also does not work, could be a motherboard issue, maybe something got damaged when you took out the drive.
  2. When you removed the other HDD during the swap you did remove the battery and just not the ac adapter right?
  3. Could be a problem with a corrupted boot file you might need to run fixmbr, fixboot from the windows disk. You could also try hirens boot CD to boot HDat2 and run that to discover and fix any harddrive errors that may exist. I have seen computers boot after running HDat2 because of a corupted boot file that was fixed by it.
  4. None of the hard drive boot, and I cant get any software to boot also from the DVD drive such as boot hirens and windows, ok I am probably more qualified then any of you, so only reply if you know a answer. I did everything properly im not a stupid person. Please help if you know a answer.
  5. I highly doubt you are more qualified than i am (12+ IT experience years, 4 of which are in a helpdesk), don't go insulting people on a tech forum that you posted a help request which means you yourself need assistance. If you cant boot a dvd or the harddrive then how do you even get to the windows loading screen? maybe your boot order is off.

    Don't say only reply if you know an answer, if your that "experienced" you would not only know that there are multiple ways to fix things and diagnose things but you would've already solved it.
  6. Ok then Im sorry for that, but I really need help and I have tried many things its countless. But I want to see if anyone comes up anything interesting. The common thing is that software wont boot, it boots but freezez after a second.
  7. This might be uneccerery but I changed a IC on the motherboard a month before it broke as it exploded.
  8. ...changed what IC? How did the chip explode?
  9. That is unnecessary it fried somehow I think it’s probably a fake adapter that I had at the time no I have an original Hp dv4 one. After I repaired it I tested it with the Chinese adapter and it doesn’t work.
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