Need help with my laptop choice

Hello everyone!

So after looking through available laptops out here in my country I narrowed my search to a few.
These ones:

Asus G74SX-TZ157V
17,3" - 44 cm FullHD LED (1920 x 1080)
Intel Core i7 2630QM (2 GHz, 6 MB L2)
8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz
2x 500 GB 7200 obr./min.
nVidia GeForce GTX 560M 3 GB
Antec Lansing speakers
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
8-cell Li-Ion battery
warranty: 2 years (battery 1 year)
price: 1.518,55 €

MSI GT780R-232NL
43,9 cm (17.3") Full HD (1920x1080) mat
Intel Core i7-2630QM (2GHz)
1,5 TB
nVidia GTX560M 1.5GDDR5
Sound card: THX TruStudio Pro, 7.1 channel
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
9-cell Li-Ion Turbo Battery+
warranty: 2 years
price: 1.557,14 €

Dell XPS 17 L702x
17,3" - 44 cm FHD LED (1920 x 1080)
Intel Core i7 2630QM (2 GHz, 6 MB L2)
6 GB DDR3, 1333 MHz
750 GB SATA, 7200 obr/min
nVidia GeForce GT 555M 3 GB
JBL speakers
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SLO/ANG
9-cell Li-Ion battery
warranty: 3 leta
price: 1.371,98 €

So I was almost ready to close the deal with the laptop from MSI but came across an article that said the MSI brand is one of the worst on the market?
But that put aside which laptop appeals to you most and why? (covering everything you know about the brands and noting the above specs)
Also if you have any other suggestions please point them out.

Best regards
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  1. I don't have personal experience with any of them, however I would like to say that I have found coupon codes for the XPS 17 that take $500 off of a $1600 laptop (so you would upgrade it to the $1600 point for cheaper). I have one in my cart (though I opted to spend that spare money on the better processor so that it might be able to handle more RAM in the future and to only go with the 500GB drive and 6GB RAM with the intention of upgrading myself later), but am still shopping around myself, so information on the quality would be useful.

    The coupon codes:

    In the deal, it says they expire today, but when I entered them Dell said late October? So I'm not sure which is true.

    The 560 is a better graphics card than the 555, but the price might be the sticking point: it was for me as I wanted to keep the laptop within 1100-1200 at most, so finding one in that price range with a 560 was unlikely.
  2. Tnx for the response, but because I'm buying only in my country and am not ready to order overseas the coupon unfortunately is no use to me. Thank you nevertheless :) .
    I myself am leaning towards the configurations with the 560m, although it is more expensive, it will make the laptop more futureproof.

    So if anyone has any thoughts about MSI value or any other suggestions please feel free to point them out :) .

  3. If gaming is important to you choosing the GTX 560M over the GT 555M will extend the time you'll be able to play future games at high & medium graphics settings.

    Asus Gaming Notebook G74SX review (not an identical model)
    MSI GT780R Notebook review (not an identical model)
  4. Does anyone have experience with the MSI GT780R and it's build quality? Or compared to the Asus G74SX how does it rank? Have been reading some bad stuff about MSI in general but am not sure if it is the same case with the GT780R model...
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