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First of all thx for taking the time to read and help me.

So i got a 2000$ budget from my school to buy a laptop and some software so that leave me with a 1500$ for the laptop only. My goal is to run BF3 smoothly with decent graphic. (For those who played beta the graphic that we have in beta are wath i'm expecting to get). So far the best laptop i found is cause i need a 15.6 inch so i can bring it to school without too much trouble and i think it could run BF3 nicelly.

I would like to know how much fps you think i could get and what setting when in a jet where i see most of the map for exemple.

And if you know a better laptop deal that respect my 1500$ budget fell free to suggest

thx in advance
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  1. might as well buy the one your viewing, its got the best price, but for an alternative (you probably wont like) its this laptop
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