Laptop screen wont turn on

My sister brought me her laptop to take a look at. It was having trouble staying on. I believe it to be a overheating issue as I hoy hw monitor on it and it was 50-60c. Pretty hot for a laptop.

So I took off the covers, removed battery and hard drive and blew out the dust with a can of compressed air.

I put it all back together and now I get no screen. The computer turns on but I have no picture now.

Whats going on here?
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  1. Loose cable or you damaged something. Did you check the cable connections to the screen? Check the laptop with an external monitor, if that works, you'll know if it's an issue with the motherboard/video card or the screen.
  2. what if i hook it up to an external monitor and still get nothing? I have a laptop that has this problem, I'm too lazy to open it up and check all the connections.
  3. No video even on an external monitor is video card or motherboard issue most likely. May be RAM.
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