HP dv6 or Lenovo Ideapad Y?

HP DV6 - 6140tx
500GB 5400rpm
1GB DDR5 ATI 6770


Y570 59-301914
Core™ i5-2410
4G ( 1*4GB) DDR3 1333 MHz
750G 9.5mm 5400rpm
N12P-GT1 GDDR5 1Gb Graphics
I don't know what GPU is this

Which one would be better for Gaming, considering the over-heating issues (if any)?
Also, in what ways the i7 will make difference in i5?
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  1. N12P-GT1 = GT 550M which is slightly slower than 6770M.
    Overall,the HP one has better specs but it's got worse build quality compared to the Lenovo one
  2. The N12P-GT1 is an overclocked GT 550M according to several review sites. Lenovo lists it as the GT 555M. The i7-2630qm is a quad core CPU as opposed to the dual core i7-2410m.

    Specs wise, the HP is better, but they have quality issues. There have been several complaints against many HP models and there are some class-action lawsuits in the works against HP.
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