Help Me Choosing A Laptop !

Hello Dear Reader,
I love you that you are gonna help me, Thanks In Advance !

I just wanna buy a ACER Laptop but the one I choosed was not having a ExpressCard Slot !, So the point is I want a ACER Laptop, if you cannot find, please then find another with sexy looks n blue in color, PLEASEEE !

The Specs Should Be:
CPU: Core i7
GPU: Integrated - No Dedicated, I Repeat NO DEDICATED !
RAM: Any
HDD: Bigger Than 500GB or equal to 500GB !

& Please find one that is blue in color as well as it must has an Express Card Slot (any size ! :) !), Please help me out !

& i find cannot find ACER in blue, then find laptops that are blue or red in color, black will work , but the blue or red will be apreciated !

THanks in advance.
Xeeshan Rahat.
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  3. @cloudy2010

    this comes with a 1st gen i7


    I thought you want a 2nd gen i7.
  4. And it has no Express-card slot.
  5. PO posted this question on system as well and he decided to not use vidock for game after I told him about the severe expresscard bottleneck on gpu and decide on a laptop with dedicated gpu, then change his mind on it and wants a desktop build for gaming and a laptop for school. I suggested a second gen i7 ASUS in blue with HD 3000 becasue he initially wants an i7 but I told him that for school work, web browsing and media playback, an AMD APU or i3 around $300-400 will do the job perfectly, also he only wants Acer (IMO, not the best in reputation). Trying to persuade him to be wiser with the money and get an ASUS or Lenovo. Still waiting for reply on that.
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