Suggest me laptop under 1300$

I am planning to get a laptop within in a month.
I use it mostly for programming, multimedia works and gaming.
As far as games are concerned, it should be able to run crysis 2 atleast in medium settings.
While not gaming, battery life must be minimum of 7 hrs and it should stay cool.
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  1. Keep in mind that you CPU and graphics card are NOT upgradeable.
  2. I know that...
    Plz suggest me a laptop that suits my req.
  3. Someone reply soon...
  4. Post this over in the laptop section. Very few users here are really concerned with laptops.
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  6. Dude, simply get a Dell or an Apple machine under 1300.
  7. Gaming+7 hours battery= Utopia.

    Alien M11x has something like that (idle mode gets over 7 hours) but its a 11 inch monitor laptop so...
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    Yeah, a gaming laptop and expect 7+ hours battery is unrealistic.


    I don't think the HD3000 in there will run crysis 2


    follow this guide:

    it helps in finding you a suitable laptop.
  9. Hey.... thanks for the replies...
    I have decided to go with asus g53sw.
  10. good choice
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