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What's the CPU in that coffee maker?

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July 28, 2002 6:15:45 PM

Check <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> rig out. I think it's quite cute. The perfect rig for that late night programmer.

Forum Gigolo wanabe

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July 28, 2002 6:22:37 PM


nice article....
and FYI the hardware as stated in that article was....

Abit VP6 motherboard with dual 1.0GHz Pentium 3 processors
1 GB of PC133 SDRAM
GeForce 256
1x20GB Maxtor boot drive plus 2x40GB Maxtor storage drives in RAID 1, all hot-swappable
CD-ROM, Sound, & Network

heh....that looks like it took a LOT of work.....

<A HREF="" target="_new">-MeTaL RoCkEr</A>
July 28, 2002 9:56:29 PM

man, i was hoping for a water cooling system with cofee instead of water.

how do you shoot the devil in the back? what happens if you miss? -verbal
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July 29, 2002 2:28:54 PM

That's some pretty strong coffee if it needs that much CPU power to brew.

Forum Gigolo wanabe
July 29, 2002 8:45:58 PM

That's pretty sweet. If it were me, I'd probably be worried about accidentally spilling coffee down that top exaust fan, but then that's why I don't keep liquids around my PCs ... I can be a klutz. ;)  Heh heh.

I still like the fish tank water cooler concept better though. Now if people just sold robotic fish...

<A HREF="" target="_new">The corpse you find may be your own.</A> - Black Mage
July 29, 2002 9:37:08 PM

That guy is a big dork. I want to hear Dennis comment on him.

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