Workaround ? 32-bit driver won't work with 64-bit W7 Home premium

is there a workaround to create a virtual desktop or other method to allow software that won't work with Windows 64-bit systems because of hardware driver, etc. problems to work with a virtual desktop that's XP or 32 bit, or do something else? It's the software Digital Voice Editor 3 that allows me to transfer digital audio files to my E drive with USB port from my Sony audio recorder...but the drivers doesn't work with 64-bit Windows:

But virtual desktop XP or virtual PC via Microsoft windows doesn't seem to work with Windows Home premium 7...
Nor does WOW64 seem to work in this case with Windows 7 Home Premium and/or something's amiss...

any ideas?
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  1. Dual-boot, there is no way around it. If you even somehow made Win7 accept the 32-bit drivers, expect it to crash. With 32-bit drivers, it may be accessing places in the ram or processor which isn't there, since this is a low-level thing it would probably just crash the OS.

    WOW64 works on software or applications only. Apps work on the higher level, if they wish to call something lower (i.e. direct call to hardware), they'd need drivers to do that.
  2. Oracle (SUN) VirtualBox is a free VM, that will works on 32/64 Windows.

    Install an XP Build and then use that to talk to your Sony device and save files on a share setup on the WIn7 machine.
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