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HI all,
Is there a Max size on the CPUs that 98SE will support. I heard that the max size is 2Gigs on a P4 and as I am upgrading and the price dif between a P4 1.8 gig 512 Casche and a P4 2.0 gig 512 casche is around $10 U.S I really would like to know.

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  1. 98SE should support P4 CPUs with a speed up to 2.8GHz (that's the fastest non hyper-threading P4).
  2. There is no speed limit for Windows 98SE.

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  3. I'm running a P4 2G@2.4G no problem.

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  4. 98SE will support HyperThread CPUS just as a non-HT chip, but it won't display as two CPUs and won't give the parallel execution benefits. Generally, if it is x86-based architecture, 98SE will either support it directly or with an update

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  5. Thanks for the clarification. Guess I was just mixed up by the fact that HT won't work under 98SE while the CPU will still run.
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