Window for all programs icons?

instead of using the Start button and searching and scrolling through programs there is there a way to have all program icons and folders to open up in a large window. Similar to how OS X does when you click on the applications folder in the lower right (if your familiar with that)?

I don't see a Programs "Window". Please direct me if I am missing it.
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  1. Point at the application in Start, right-click and send-to desktop to create short-cut, no need for program window.
  2. Sorry I think you misunderstood, but I want ALL application icons and folders in one large window. Not just one program pinned to the desktop. Thanks though.
  3. Still do as I recommended, once you get everything you want, create a folder and move them all in there.

    Now to get it to open on startup, move it to the startup folder found in the start button.
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