How to keep +12V Voltage Down?

My system seems to have trouble keeping the +12V Voltage at +12V. My +12V voltage normally sits at around 13.056V to 13.120V and occasionally rises above 13.2V (i.e. more that 10% above 12V) which then causes my hardware monitoring system (PC Probe) to beep and even shut my computer down.

Why is it that my +12V voltage is so high? How do I keep it down? I have a Athlon XP 2000+ running at 1.75GHz without increasing the core voltage, would this have any effect on my +12V voltage being so high?

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  1. You could find a Data sheet for the supply to see if the voltages are out of spec for the load you are running (I'm guessing yeah). If so, one would have to assume that would qualify it as a valid warranty replacement item among reputable manufacturers.
  2. Oh, forgot to add: don't worry about your CPU, at least not for that reason. It's got it's own voltage regulator, and I'm almost positive it's not on the +12V anyway.
  3. Thanks for the tip Knewton. I'll check the power supply specs then....I think they're in Japanese though....
  4. HaHa! Sorry, can't help you there.
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