AthlonXP or P4? Recommendations please

I'm building a new machine and I need advise on which CPU I should go with. I'm on a budget so I'm considering an AthlonXP or a P4 (Northwood?) around 1.6ghz. Which would be the best as far as performance AND reliability. Also, what mobo do you recommend to go with it?

I'm probably not going to be doing any OC'ing. I'm going to be running SQL Server, some Oracle 9i, web and graphics apps, and maybe some games like MS Flight sim and Jedi Outcast.

Also, what mobos (DDR) would you recommend for each?

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  1. Why not overclock? That's what made the 1.6a Pentium4 so famous. I would if I bought one.

    Alright, well, at stock speeds, you could get a 1.6Ghz AMD Athlon XP 1900+, only about $120 with a HSF. For about $150 or so, you can get an Intel Pentium4 1.6a. A little more at $160 or so, you can upgrade to a 1.8a.

    Hmm...for an Intel DDR, Abit BD7-II
    AMD, there's also some good ones. I like my Soyo Sy-kt333 Ultra, although, some like the MSI Kt3 Ultra, and the Epox 8k3a+, among others

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  2. These are hard questions and i'll tell you why.

    Both AMD and Intel chips do the samething. I have experience in both and i'll tell you the benefits and drawbacks of each.

    Benefits include
    1) Cheap and affordibale
    2) They are really fast and just as fast as pentium 4's if not a little bit faster.

    Drawbacks include:
    1) The chipsets provided suck! They are horrible. If you get anything get Sis chipset.
    2) It's a pain in the butt to get the heatsink on and there is a chance of user error. User error's include: Not putting the heatsink on right crushing the core; Not putting the heatsink on right resulting in a small gap between core and heatsink resulting a core meltdown; Getting the heatsink off is even more of a pain then putting it on; not applying AS3 properly can cause perminent damage to your cpu. Only apply a small drop on the core and then layer it out. Not applying AS3 can cause your cpu temp to be 5C higher and may cause lockups on hot days.

    3) You need to buy a better heatsink and fan. The one provided by retail is not good enough. The fans are also very very loud.

    Benefits include:
    1) The Intel name is known for reliability. Rather you like it or not.
    2) The p4 is guanteed to not lock up on you. This is in the BIOS by the way. But you can set it at say 60C to throttle down. And once it reaches 60C it's going to throttle down. Not lock up on you. Which i think many of us can say that's really annoying on super hot days.
    3) Putting on the heatsink is super easy and a lot less painful and aggrivating. No risk of core meltdown and no risk of crushing your cpu's core. Unles you step on it lol.
    If you take off the black pad on the heatsink and use Arctice Silver 2 or 3, you WILL notice a ~5C decrease in temperature.
    4) Chipsets that work and have a choice.
    5) Fan provided by intel is very good. No need to purchase a second fan.

    1) The p4 is slower then the athlon. However if you overclock it to about 2.4 it is quite fast and if not just as fast as AMD's 2200+.
    2) You need RDRAM or fast DDR (true pc2700 or better) in order for the pentium 4 to perform at it's best along with ~533mhz FSB.
    3) Intel chips are uber expensive. But your paying for the research it took to produce that chip. thats why it's so much. Where AMD had no research to do because intel has already done everything and AMD just improved upon it. So bearly any research cost. I think the hammer will be interesting and probably just as expensive as Intel chips.

    Thats all i can think of for now.

    Now to answer your question. It's up to you really. Are you proficient in handling computer hardware? If not the choice is obvious. If you are and have experience you may want to choose AMD.

    I'd recommend Intel just for the reliability. But it's up to you completely.

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  3. just for the record...what processor are you using in your computer right now?

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  4. agree with u about AMD chipsets, via sucks, amd sucks, ALi sucks, SIS is ok though, also nVIDIA(i never thought that i`d praise nVIDIA, i just plainly hate GF).

    funny thing, i posted my opinion about AMD supporting chipsets, and said some bad things about VIA(their compatability problems, ect. u guys know.). i didn`t actually use harsh words, just that they are not reliable. and guess what? i got kicked out! jesus, AMD zealots, in korea are sure VIA zealots. and i said some good comments about the SIS745 mobo, but none were available in korea, except ECS`s sis745xp, so i didn`t have any solid data to show them.

    reason for being kicked out? "how dare u say that VIA is bad? we don`t need u here!"

    je$u$, so it was soooooooo comic...

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  5. what difference does it make? If you click my rig info you can see it.

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  6. ya i hate fascist pigs that stereotypes and profiles everyone!

    "err you stated your opinion that you liked intel; therefore, you must be stupid and i'm gonna flame you now"

    *rolls eyes*

    here's a clue! get a life! lol ya know?

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  7. opps...that was supposed to be a joke...i was supposed to have a " :wink: " at the apologies if you took that the wrong way...

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  8. oh hehe! no problem!

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  9. If you dont overclock P4 will be slower that amd expect for the high-end cpu 2.26 and higher.More stable rock solid better driver.Also a bigger price everyone try to squezze few buck out of intel name.

    AMD is a better choice for you.

    The day i meet a goth queen that tell me Intel suck.I turn in a lemming to fill is need in hardware.
  10. PC #1-AMD Athlon K7-550/Abit KA7 recently deceased and being replaced.

    PC #2-AMD K6-II 500 mostly for my wife and games.

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  11. Does it really matter what ppl tell you to get? i just go with experience. anyways, either cpu is fine. i bought 2 amd cpu before being fed up with instability and just recently bought p4.

    look for a system in your price range and be happy with whatever you get, cos there's no way you're going to get the best system for cheap.. even the best as we all know is crap in 12 months... having said that, i haven't seen any topics reading "Heat problems with my P4 2.4GHz" lately... just something to consider. (just don't be someone who buy amd cos you like green and you're antisocial or buy intel cos you like blue color better.. heh)


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  12. What is your budget might I ask?

    clock speed for clock speed, the Athlon will be faster, compare a 1.6a and a 1900+ Athlon and the athlon wins. since you are not going to overclock because of your server programming......:) I would go with the Athlon.

    This is the system I just built for myself,

    Athlon 1900+
    1 Gig of 2100 ddr....2 X 512 mg DDR 2100
    MSI K7N420 nforce board
    SB Aug.
    80 maxtor
    Visiontek TI 4400 Geforce4 (my god this card rocks)
    Tosh DVD 16x

    My ave score in 3dmark 2001 se *latest patch*

    Only thing that is overclocked in my system is my video card....

    its sitting at 290/590 almost Geforce4 TI4600 speeds and I know I can get the card higher.

    Also the big problem right now is, new motherboards are comming out the Nforce 2, its kinda hard to say jump in right now....

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