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Im looking for a laptop

Last response: in Laptop Tech Support
September 30, 2011 8:21:33 PM

This is the first time i'm posting something here so I don't know if i'm doing it in the right place.
I need help picking out a laptop and I already got an idea of what i'm looking for.
battery: I need a laptop that will last +6 hours on simple tasks such as email browsing and microshaft office, and +3 hours when playing games such as crysis 2.
price range: anywhere below 650$ CDN
CPU/GPU: I wan't and amd APU in crossfire with a dedicated gpu for dual graphics like an A6 with an amd 6650
screen size: anything below 16"
Ram: +4gb ddr3 1000mhz or more
HD: 500 or more and i perfer 7200rpm or more but 5400 is fine
thickness: I don't really mind but i perfer not to have a bulky fat laptop
Internet: wireless
Sound: the built in sound should sound emmersive, not like 20$ speakers from Ebay and it would be best if it came with a mic+webcam for things like skype.
warrenty: +1 years
Overclocking: if possible, then yes please
cooling noise: less noise is better
touchpad: two buttons not one attached one
CD drive: just has to be able to read+write, and bluray if possible
OS: windows 7 home premium 64 bit
I found this one right here from asus and it looks pritty decent for the price but people have been saying they have problems with the WIFI and that the battery isn't that good:the model is K53TA-BBR6 and the price is 450$ at
if you could please input more options for me I would greatly appreciate it
and Thank you for reading! :wahoo: 

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October 1, 2011 5:13:08 AM


For the ASUS laptop you choose, you are going the right direction but there are some thing I just have to point out:

Battery: I really don't think there is going to be a laptop able to run crysis 2 for more than 3 hours on battery.

Sound: Just don't expect good sound on laptop speaker. Wiser decision is to use good headphone.

Touchpad: You hardly use the physical button because touchpad is multitouch, so the 2 seperate button hardly matters.


Why are you always recommending that laptop? It has Intel HD 3000 for graphics, no where nears as good as the 6650m for gaming.
October 1, 2011 6:21:33 AM

Right now all I need is a laptop like the asus one, but with better battery life and better speakers. Keep in mind that I am willing to spend around 600 dollars (CDN) and the asus one is only 450 dollars, so there should be headroom for improvement. @cloudy2010, the laptop you showed there is in my opinion, terrible. thats because the hardware it comes with is overpriced (which is expected from a brand like Lenovo) and if you compare the AMD 6720G2 to intel 3000 graphics, it seems like a fart from the AMD one outperforms the intel one by a mile. Also just wondering, is there a mod for AMD cards to run NVIDIA PHYSX because I have some physx games that would look bad with physx turned off so I wan't to know if there is a way to hack into the software and do that.
also, guys please keep those suggestions flowing in, I want to know what my options are!
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a b D Laptop
October 1, 2011 6:32:44 AM

The problem is that the more money you pay, you get better performacne which means shorter battery. I would spend that extra money on 8-9 cell battery as well as extended battery pack if battery is essential for you.

Speakers on laptop in general are terrible, especially on your price range. Instead of hunting for a laptop with good speaker, start looking for a good pair of headphone.

Lenovo is ok on affordability and is good quality, it is just that cloudy2010 picked a particular bad one for your purpose.

No, there is no mod for AMD card to run physx.
October 1, 2011 6:56:51 AM

the truth is, I really hate gaming with headphones. I'm not sure why this is for me, but I really dislike it. maybe it has to do with the wire, I don't know but I just hate it. as for the battery, I want a laptop with the same specs as the asus one, but with an 8-9 cell battery, because I don't want the battery sticking out from the laptop making it look and feel awkward, i want one that fits in snugly like the standard one. As for the physx, it is quite a bummer that an amd card can't run it, but ill live. going back to the topic on the speakers, why wouldn't it be possible to make better ones, couldn't be that hard could it?
also @pyree, do you have any suggestions for different laptops? I kind of don't really like the brown poo color of the asus one.
also Bluetooth would be a nice option.
a b D Laptop
October 1, 2011 8:06:33 AM

If you don't want headphone, then you should probably get portable speaker. Good speaker costs alot and they are really big and heavy (Low frequency has long wave length and require a large membrane to generate a good bass. Loud sound require high amplitude vibration and requires large magnets to deliver enough force and magnets are heavy. Therefore, good speakers are large and heavy). Laptop makers put cheap ones on a laptop to manufacturing cost and gives you the portability you want.

The highest power to density we can achieve in commerical battery is the lithium ion battery used in laptops. Therefore, we cannot have battery of the same size that delivers larger capacity than the battery for our laptops, unless you use a fuel cell which is way out everyone's budget. You will have to use a battery of larger size. 8-9 cell battery that will fit perfectly within the body for 17 inch and bigger laptop because the large battery can snug under the even larger laptop chassis. If a laptop of smaller size comes with battery of that size it will have to miniturised on the computing component if the performance is to stay the same and this means the production cost will shot through the roof, or if the price remains the same, it means there will be severe compromise on the hardware performance and wouldn't be able to play games. You may consider getting normal battery and swap them, although that means you will have to restart the computer.

You will have to compromise some aspect and try to get as balance as possible for a laptop, there is no way around it (price, battery, size, quality, performance).

Out of 5 for each catagory, I will give:

Price:5 Battery:4.5 Size:4 Quality:4 and Performance:3.5 for an average of 4.2 for this laptop, which is pretty good. IMO, this laptop is a really good deal.

LOL, brown poo color. K53E has a range of color, so ask whether there are color option available for K53TA.

I read somewhere that the RAM that comes with the laptop is 1 stick of 4GB DDR3 not 2x2GB, so you may want to add another 4GB for a total of 8GB 2 channel operation.

October 1, 2011 6:51:34 PM

I think I will pop in another stick when I get the laptop. As for the speakers, I don't really need loud ones, I just need ones that work with little distortion, with a pitch that goes up to 19kHz and at least 5 watts rms. Oh and also, speakers are not that expensive because I got surround sound speakers for like 80 bucks, (the z506 speaker system) and the only down side is, I CANT MOUNT THEM!!! THX ALLOT LOGITECH. and now going back to the topic about the battery, why isn't there an option for a battery that makes the laptop seem thicker instead of protruding from the back? and @Pyree, why would you rate the performance 3.5 out of 5, I don't get it, Dual graphics crossfire between AMD 6650M and 6520G, quad core cpu 2.4ghz when in use overclockable to 3ghz, 4 gig ram, 500 gig HD. I'd like to see anyone find laptop with better specs then that even int the 600$ range lol. (no, referbeshed crap doesnt count)
a c 463 D Laptop
October 1, 2011 7:18:18 PM

It is difficult to find high quality speakers on a laptop. I think my Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 has pretty good speakers for a laptop (JBL 2x1.5w), but if you are looking for good quality then you need to buy separate speakers. Also speakers on laptops will not go beyond 2w per speaker because the would affect better life. Good speakers generally cost money and they can be expensive depending on what your definition of good quality is (I don't really consider the z506 speaker system to be good at all, more like crap).

Regarding battery life, at best you may be able to play a game like Crysis 2 for at most 1.5 hours (and I am being very optimistic) depending on the battery capacity. If you do not want a 8-9 cell battery that sticks out, then consider buying a spare battery to swap in when your battery run low on energy.
October 2, 2011 6:19:35 AM

@jaguarskx ; The z506 speakers are okay considering i'm using them with a PC in my small bedroom, and they get too loud at 25% volume, their price was 80 dollars, and the fact that they have a one year warranty, so i wouldn't consider them "more like crap" as you say (also I would like to know why you would refer to them as "crap"). As for the speakers that are coming with the laptop that I am considering on buying, does anyone know what the more in-depth specs are on that laptop, since I have no clue how much watts the integrated speakers are, the battery life in time in different situations (such as gaming, videos, web surfing, and idle/word docs.) and any other thing that may contribute to my understanding of that laptop.
thanks in advance