Apple with AMD CPU??!!

I was surpised by the gossips here in some Bulgarian newspapers. They say Apple will start producing their machines with AMD CPUs, because of the higher prices of their own CPUs and because of the performance lagging. Now they are waiting only for their new OS appearing and after that they will start using AMD??!!
HAve you heard of this?

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  1. surprising news. just hope that it`s not a rumor.

    who knows, maybe they`ll be producing a PC that can run both x86 and mac software.

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  2. It was posted in a PC newspaper, where most of the news are news not rumours... But who knows?
    Some important guy of Apple said that new version of MacOs could work on x86 CPUs. Of course, this is related to the MAC migrating to AMD rumour, so I suppose if this migration is a lie, then MacOS support for x86 will be a lie too.
    I was just curious if you have heard of this.
    If this is a true story, I think that anyway Apple will design their own architecture, but however I still don't know if this is true. But this newspaper is (or was, till now, if they lie) a serious one.

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  3. By the way, it wasn't mentioned if it will be OPTERON the CPU they are going to use............

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  4. But in the end, what will be the difference of Macs and PCs?
    Once they use AMD CPUs, they'll then go for Windows or x86, and in the end Macs ARE PCs....

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  5. why would mac want to use an AMD cpu? the ones they have are supposed to be really good if I'm not mistaken and the x86 arch seems like it kinda sux.....

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  6. Ok, first:
    They will run under MacOS, I think, 10.5 (X.5) or so.
    They will have another mobo and chipset architecture, and maybe they will use their tiny RAM-modules...
    Just remember on how Sil. Graph. (SG) started producing their low-end workstation with Pentiums... but with another mobo technology - 64-bit PCI, etc....
    Actually, I think, that Apple will increase their market area if they migrate to x86-systems. It will make their computers cheapier and easy upgradeable. Of course, they won't be as charming, indeed...

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  7. There has also been news that they would look into using intel chips as well.

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  8. i honestly would not be surprised if/when it happened. apple for some reason is way out of the loop as far as hardware goes. their g5 was supposed to debut what? last janurary? and what happened to all those g5 "supposedly" reported to be running at 1.2, 1.4, 1.6ghz that they sent out to developers LAST june-july? i was reading an article last week too, was talking about sgi. it says it's looking like sgi is moving more and more away from risc systems. cost is too much apparently and even those are losing ground against the intels and amds. i think apple will either strike a deal with an x86 maker or they're working on something big. but it doesn't sound like motorola is worrying about keeping up. i would personally love it. it'll mean ditching windows and still being able to use the apps i need.

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  9. Here's to AMD taking over the free world~

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  10. It's just rumor at this stage, but it's still nice to dream. If the "new Apple" had either an AMD or Intel processor running a new Apple OS, then Apple would be very foolish if the new OS didn't work on non Apple PC's as well.

    Imagine an alternative to Windows! Quite a market for Apple to climb! I for one would be interested.....

    However, all rumor and speculation. But it is nice to dream....

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  11. It would be a hard pill for loyal mac addicts to swallow. OTOH, if the new AMD arch lives up to it's promise, Apple could do nicely out of it. They just need to separate themselves enough from the generic PC market.

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  12. But a mac is a 128bit cpu, no? Correct me if I'm wrong.
    It can take only 10 secs to boot linux on an apple.
    I don't think the K8 is able to do that.

    Dinski, maybe Apple is able to keep their cool looking computers/notebooks. After all, it's only the inside what will change.

    The fastest cpu of today will be slow on the same day next year. :mad:
  13. apple has what, 1%? after one year of amd chips they could get 2%, look out world!!!

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  14. oh i definitely agree it would strike a sour note with apple heads. but honestly, if the OSX functioned the same as it did on the motorola chip, they would be none the wiser. by that i mean the same workflow/commands/etc. whether it be intel or amd chips inside an apple case. i'd be one of the first to run out and snag a nice dual rig. yeah apple might be falling behind in power, but you have to admit, they are second to none for quality and support. hopefully that would carry over. it would be interesting to see what their pricing (on dual rigs in particular) would be to others like dell. considering there would be a wider range of parts with an x86 based system, even their current pricing would be dirt cheap compared to dells. hey we can all wish can't we? :D

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  15. This information is false. Apple corp will have the option to buy all PowerPC assets from Motorola at the end of this year. THe PowerPC design is critical to the Mac OS, you will not see Mac OS on the PC and you will not see a x86 CPU in a Mac. Steve Jobs was very clear on this at WWDC. The Mac OS is Apples signature and it will not be used on any other platform.

    Apple has entered into the server market with the Xserve sporting PC2100 DDR in a 1U case. Apples first DDR machine that is long overdue. G4 Quick Silver was supposed to have DDR (newest model) yet it still sports PC133-2-2-2 SDRAM.

    OSX 10.2 Jaguar will be available soon.

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    Here some more info on the idea.
  17. they were talking about Mac OS is unix based which will run on x87 machines. The biggest rumor running around is that Mac is looking around at different cpus because the powerpc is just not keeping up with Intel and AMD.

    The biggest rumor is that Jobs is looking at using possibly AMD Hammer line of cpus if they turn out to be as good as the hype.......

    Those are the rumors, and Jobs has hinted at several things that Apple is looking at, but nothing solid.

  18. We will see what will happen.
    However, I don't think that if Apple decide to use AMD instead Motorola CPU, we can use MacOS in our PCs. Nevertheless, Steve J. may decide to sell the OS, and than it will be interesting to try it...

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  19. Many flaws in the above scenario.

    one is the lack of OSX and how it works and the other is PowerPC based systems and legacy devices.

    Do some research on sprockets, OS X is built from FreeBSD Kernel, a true UNIX variant with sprockets built into the GUI to support existing hardware.

    To better rephrase this Mac OSX or 10.2 is designed to run existing Mac based software while providing a better foundation to develop called <A HREF="" target="_new">darwin</A>.

    Being an Apple developer, I can tell you for a fact there is no dual porting for x86 and PPC going on.

    You will continue to see, slightly faster machines, new OS features, larger displays, and higher prices.

    Apple has rights to PPC assets, IBM also builds PPC so if anything happens to Motorola IBM can step in as well as a few other chipzillas.

    IBM is developing <A HREF="" target="_new">PPC64</A> that looks really good but has been labeled "Bugzilla"

    Apple has been seriously busting its balls to deliver OSX on time (over 1 year) to show anyting near a finsihed product called Jaguar aka 10.2. I doubt they had time for much else.

    Everything else is just rumors. Apple wants to sell hardware, that hardware they spent billions on developing. On that hardware is Apples signature the Mac OS found on no other platform.

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  20. Very true... but the Inq made mention of there being a possiblity that the OSX could be recompiled into a x86-64 form. If that was indeed possible, Apple could truely make a killing in terms of luring away people who are turned off by Mircosoft's monopoly. I know I would be using a different OS if I had the time to learn it. But, if Apple released the OSX to x86-64 CPUs, I would be tempted to get it, since most of the software I use has Mac OS variants... in fact, many games now have both versions on the CD, like WarCraft3. So, in my opinion, Apple releasing a OSX variation for the x86-64 platform would indeed be a good idea. In fact, it could be a gateway for people into full Mac products, though I doubt I could wean myself off of my x86. Plus, anything that challenges MS's claim to the x86 throne is a good thing, since we have seen how competition in the CPU sector has greatly increased the evolution of processors, while dropping the prices considerably (not good for shareholders and profit margins, though).

    Links to the Inq:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    As to it being a hard pill for Mac users to swallow, I'm beginning to believe that most Mac users are inclined to support whoever Steve Jobs tells them to. Also, I think they perfer to be using a machine that few people do. If their OSX is ported to an x86-64 machine, I doubt people will notice, as long as its got the wonderful little Mac icons and what not. It's all about sticking it to the Man (Intel and MS, mainly) to them.

  21. actually i think the bottom line is steve needs to get off his ass, take a vacation away from pixar and STOP IT WITH THE DAMN IPOD'S and lcd displays that increase by an inch!! give us the damn hardware. macs have always made me feel warm and fuzzy. but you just can't go out and buy one now, the performance is clearly too much of a difference. bad steve!

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