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I’ve finished selecting the components of my new system. Now I just have to choose a case and power supply. I’ll be honest; I don’t want to take the time to learn all of the ins and outs of cases and PSUs. However, I’m definitely going with substance over style: I want to keep it ice cold (with some room for a little heat in case I OC more than I plan to), I want proper power running to all my hardware (I think 350w should be enough, but I’ll go with 400 if necessary), and am looking for sturdiness and stability. (Of course it needs room for all of my components:)). I’ve also heard that having a fan on top is very useful since heat gets trapped there. I’m not completely against a little extra noise for a lot more cooling.

This case seems nice for about $100, though it is a little low on power. I don’t need anymore bays than that. Actually, all I’m planning to have in this PC is my DVD-ROM drive. I have a burner in my other system. I suppose I could always get an upgrade to the PSU too:

I really love the way this case looks. However, it doesn’t really give many details in the way of specs:

To be honest, I’d love having one of those modified cases for such a low price, but I just can’t find the specs to compare. This is the last major purchasing decision I have left. I’m open to any suggestions. They’d be greatly appreciated.

CPU: AMD 1800 266FSB (green wrapper, .13) $80
Motherboard: Asus A7V333 (no raid, no onboard audio) $105
HD: Maxtor, 7200rpm, 40gb, IDE, D740X-6L $75
GPU: Gainward Geforce4 Ti-4200 Golden Sample $160
RAM: 512MB PC2700 $120
CD-ROM: Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM $40
Network: Linksys EtherFast 10/100 NIC (will this work w/DSL modem?) $15
Sound: Turtle Beach Santa Cruz $60
Floppy: Teac $10


Gaming PC in progress, suggestions welcome :)
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  1. if your looking for a good deal on a antec look alike with the quality, cheiftec. You can get a antec 1040 case with a 430W power supply running around 90 bucks on newegg ( I purchased this case and i'm very happy with it. NO COMPLAINTS =)

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  2. Chieftec and Antec cases are manufactured by the same companies, originally with the exact same design. The NEWER Antec cases with revised front panels. If you go to, you'll find nice Cheiftec cases in colors with clear side panels and side fans. You can also purchase these side panels separately, and they fit both Cheiftec and Antec cases the same.

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  3. Those cases are quite nice too. I have one of the Antec cases at home (SX-840 I think, the mid tower without the front door), and it is the best case I've ever delt with. 5 snap in case fan holders with 2 case fans (2 in back, 2 in front, 1 on the removable harddrive mounting). Screwless entry with the latch is nice, as are the mounting rails (Not a huge fan of that, but they're pretty nice). Airflow in it is great, and with a nice PSU like an Antec Truepower or Enermax, you'll get all the power you need, little noise, and great cooling.

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