overclocking, PSU, and case heat question

I think i have a handle of what's going on.

When i have my processor overclocked to 2.4ghz and 1.55volts. I notice in the BIOS that it dips down to 1.52 and then back up to 1.54, then 1.55 and cycles every minute or so. When i have it at 2ghz(defualt clock) there is no dipping of the voltage. Actually what it does is switch between 1.49 and 1.5.

I've been having problems of games crashing within 15 minutes and reboots. I thought maybe it's my graphics card so i took it out and popped in my old tnt card but it did the samething. crashed within 15 minutes. I downclocked it to 2ghz and we'll see if that solves the problem. If not i'm stumped. Only thing i can think of is the power supply. Everything else is brand new.

Now is this caused by the power supply or is this just the cpu itself or? I asked my dad and he insist there is nothing wrong with the power supply. We tested the 5 volt and 3.3volt lines only and he thinks there is nothing wrong.

Also i have a problem with heat in my case. yesterday i noticed it got up to to 38C (100F)!!! .. the cpu temp was 46. I don't care about the cpu, but the case temp is a concern to me. I have 4 fans in my case. 2 exhaust and 2 intake. I was wondering if you profesionals know of a good way to cool it down? I'm thinking a powersupply with a intake fan on the bottem and the standard exhaust fan. I think enermex does this.I think that could improve temperatures seeing that heat rises. And yes it is very warm in my room. So it could be just that it's warm in my room. but 38C can't be good.

I know nothing about power supplies. But i'm told enermax is good? The 350watt version? i'd probably get a 400watt but ya ... I was looking at the 430watt Antec seeing that i have an Antec case.


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  1. Enermax tend to be very good quality, and the Antec truepower are good too. I own an Antec 430 watt truepower, and almost never get voltage drops. If you're overclocking, you're stock 300 watt PSU might not be cutting it anymore. Yes though, Enermax would be fine for your case.

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  2. i have a 400watt just for the record.

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  3. What company?

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  4. Well it doesn't need to be your PSU. It also could be your mobo that can't support the voltages and amount of current to the CPU at that speed.

    About thet casecooling question: How did you set your fans up?

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  5. noo it's a brand new motherboard. The Abit IT7. supports 133mhz fsb too.

    as for the fans, 2 exhaust and 2 intake. exhaust in the back intake in the front ...

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  6. So that mobo supports 2.4 GHz CPUs with a 1.55 VCore (I'm not really into Intel CPUs)?

    Those fans should be enough, but where are those excaust fans mounted? One in the top (if you have a fulltower) and one at CPU height?

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  7. Antec 400watt

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  8. of course. It wouldn't be a BIOS option if it couldn't.

    I have the Antec SX1040B. so you can get a closer look at it.

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  9. Sorry but my BIOS also says has an option for 200 Mhz... but that doesn't say the chipset supports it.
    Maybe your mobo can deliver the 1.55V in theory but can't manage the wattage it should deliver to the CPU... which makes the computer crash after some time.

    That case looks good... shouldn't get such a high temp with those casefans. Do you have rounded cables and what are you room temps?

    BTW your PSU should be sufficient too.

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  10. *shrugs* ... in benchmarks no one had a problem raising the voltage on this board up to 1.7volts overclocking a 1.6ghz to 2.4ghz.

    i took out the rounded cables and i'm using normal flat cables. They actually work better. there is plenty of air flow. And it does get really hot in my room.

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  11. Well if your room temp is very high it will be very difficult to keep your PC cool. You got some other components in your PC that create much heat?

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  12. Not really no. Pentium 4, ATI AIW radeon, memory and soundcard. I have a huge 80mm fan to cool down my two hard drives. The hottest thing in my case are the cd-roms. But yet it reads 38C.

    But i think i fixed my reboot problem. I played warcraft 3 for like 2 hours and it didn't crash. I don't think it liked the overclocking. But it could have been luck. Who knows.

    I was kind of hoping someone knew of some tricks to keep it cool. Lol i guess the only thing that could work is either AC in my room or a dipping my case in liqued nitrogen lol.

    oh well .. i left my fan on in my room which is in the window. thanks!

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