Help with CPU problem would be very welcome!

First off, let me say, I love this site! It's pretty cool..lots of good information. I've been a lurker on the forums reading about this and that...and I think there are a lot of good fellow techies and what not on the board. =) Hopefully someone will have some idea about how to solve this problem of mine.

Anyways, here's the problem. I have a computer, 800MHz Slot A AMD Thunderbird system. Well, the fans died on the CPU, and it burned itself out. So I purchased a new one, the exact same CPU. Put on the new fan I had bought, and installed the new CPU. It's booting up, and it looks all fine. When it gets to the Windows2000 screen, it's still looking good. Then when it should go into Windows, the monitor button just blinks Orange and that's it! It just sits there.
Also, if I try to boot into Win2K in Safe Mode, it works. But when it comes up with the screen asking me to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, I can't. It seems to lock up, and my mouse isn't present on the screen. It's funny because the problem doesn't seem to be in the CPU, because the system was working fine before the CPU blew. Again, any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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  1. humm... alot of things could of happened here. how long was it when you realized the fan and cpu were burn out? One thing to keep in mind is the cpu can reach high hights than the entire mobo. a short in the cpu could have leaked alot of power shorting\heating the board. you should first check out the video card. Change it out with an old working on if you can. Then while you in VGA mode try setting up a diag start-up scrip that would only load one driver at a time. you might be able to isolate a bad irq, or even a burnt out mem\via chipset. I wanna say you mobo suffered as well, but you need to rule all else out first.


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  2. I realized it quite was running on 1 out of 3 fans for a while, then one time I booted it up and the last fan was gone and I shut it down instantly and it was DEAD.

    I will try your graphics card idea first. If that doesn't work, I'd like to know how to set up a diag start-up script that would only load one driver at a time...I don't know how to do that. I realllly hope my poor motherboard didn't take too much heat.... =/ Thanks for your suggestions.

  3. UPDATE: Well, it appears the system doesn't lock up when it goes into safe mode, I just loose all control of my keyboard and mouse! I left the system alone for a while, and when I came back, the Win2K screensaver was up and working. I couldn't get out of it because my mouse and keyboard weren't doing anything. Any ideas?

  4. I had a simmilar problem/ symptoms (cant spell) with windows XP. It happened when I was trying to make it give me a c: d: and e: instead of a c: e: and g: (dont ask) Never did fix it. But after trying something. My system basically started doing what yours did. No orange screen (think mine was black or green) but I couldn't do anything and had no control over anything. However in safe mode I did get my keyboard for the login screen but once in windows proper it died the same as it did in a normal boot. I had to reinstall windows. Now alls good except that I have a c: e: and g:......
  5. Ahhh...thank you guys for your help. Here's what happened. While switching out some hardware and rebooting to see if it fixed Win2K, I got an error message that said some funky config file was corrupted. I then proceeded to attempt to repair Win2K, with no luck. I put a new version of Windows 2000 on, and it worked fine. Pees me off I lost all my installed program groups and setting, but atleast I didn't have to wipe my HDD. AND it's working now, thank god! Thanks guys. Gotta love these forums...I hope I have the chance to return the favor some time. Later.

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