Toshiba satellite laptop keyboard problems

Hello, I bought a laptop not to long ago(3 months) because i thought i might need one in the future for traveling, college ect. I havent bee n using it very much and a week ago i tried to search for a youtube video and the keys just started open stuff like my history and pc set-up options and also non of the keys(except the space and backspace) work. P.s im using my desktop computer to type this
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  1. Go to toshiba website, download the keyboard driver and reinstall it again.
  2. do you know exactly were it is or a link perhaps because i entered my laptops credentials and i went to the downloads and it wasn't there
  3. If you cannot find your model of laptop on the support site. Contact Toshiba and ask them to send you the driver or advice on which driver is compatible with your laptop.
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