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Windows Experience Index for SSD

Hello, The Score that I get from my Windows Experience Index says that I have a crappy old hard disc. I have a SSD, and I only get 5.9 :(

Any Suggestions...?
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  1. WHich is your SSD & in what mode have you configured it in BIOS (AHCI, IDE, etc)?
  2. well the total score in windows 7 rating is 7.9. So your HDD score is 5.9/7.9 is not that bad.
  3. WEI gives you a final score of the slowest item, check the actual value your SSD scored.
  4. It was a Corsair P64 SSD, and I can't figure out how it only scored 5.9, is that a normal score for SSD's? and Which mode will be fastest for performance, AHCI, IDE, or what else...?

    Thank You
  5. Oh, and the actual value was 5.9, that was my lowest...
  6. Other People Get 6.8 and around there, whats up with me?
  7. People read into these WEI scores far too much. If the performance is where you want it to be, don't make it a big deal. It's really not.
  8. I recently upgraded, WEI went from 5.9 to a 7.2 for my ssd hard drive.
    But I do have it on my Sata 3 port 6G/s, IDE mode
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    Yes, Prophecy, they do. WEI is a baseline only... it's not meant to be a reflection of real world performance. My RAID 0 array (2 x 500GB with 32MB of cache each) scores only a 5.9, yet I don't notice any slowdown whatsoever. The only real advantage of SSDs that I've seen thus far is the ability to open programs much quicker... other than that, I haven't seen anything that blows me away. People are rushing out to buy SSDs to get that magical 7.x score in WEI without really considering if the cost is worth the performance. Once the price per GB starts approaching mechanical hard drives, then they will definately be worth it.
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