AMD overclocks its quarterly losses

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i've plugged my home blower to my case ... dunno what happen ... that works?!?
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  1. It's pushed to second half, another proof of how roadmaps change all the time indeed!
    But holy crap, talk about strategy marketting, man the 2.53GHZ chips are gonna become low mid-end with such an awesome price...
    1.8As become the 1.6A pricing, therefore even more savings.
    It's even scarier to think HyperThreading on 3.06GHZ. I hope they refined it though. But damn, AMD is really not getting any more good news at all. Hammer better be worth and there in time, and they better start competing Intel from now, otherwise they will continue losing to a point that if Hammer is succesful, the profit margin will not be enough to negate the loss...

    Man this year's turning to the worst or what...

    The sound of determination is the echo of will...
  2. Personally, I'm not suprised in the least bit that AMD reported a loss, but it's just how big it is. I htink that AMD is seriously shooting itself in the foot by not putting much effort into advertising and pricing their chips far too aggresively (so they can't even make any money on it). But, that's just in my opinion.
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