Need gaming laptop suggestions (<$1000)

Hi, I've been looking at a bunch of laptops and I would love some more opinions and suggestions.

Here are my ideal preferences:
Budget around $1000, hopefully under.
15.6" only.
i7 (but I'm willing to settle with an i5)
As for hardrive space, 500gb is good enough. 7200rpm.

I've got a good gaming desktop so I'm looking for a portable laptop that I can bring around to game on.
I don't care much about battery life (but obviously the longer, the better.)
I'd like this laptop to play the latest games at around high+ settings with 60+fps (such as Starcraft 2 and the upcoming BF3)

I live in Canada and have been looking at NCIX and
I really like this one
ASUS G53SW with the GTX 560M. It's a little outside my budget, but hopefully I can find a similar machine on sale if I'm patient enough. A saw a similar model on the US Newegg for $200 off.

I'm leaning towards ASUS. MSI's are okay, but I really hate the keyboard layout so I'd prefer to stay away from them.
I want to keep this laptop for 3+ years.

Anyways, I would love your suggestions and some info on how to on top of notebook deals in Canada.

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  1. You can't find a gaming laptop(w/560M) under $1000,so you have to stretch your budget a bit and get the G53SW.
    Also consider Sager NP8130
  2. Thank you all for the replies and links!

    I'm really leaning towards shelling out an extra few hundred dollars for this Sager notebook.

    So far the total price before tax/shipping is $1,209. Are there any upgrades you guys would recommend to get on the NP8130?

    Also, how long would you estimate this laptop lasts me? 4 years? More?

    Thanks again! Feel free to post more laptops that you think would be suitable for me.
  3. I would step up to the I7 and the 500 gig with the SSD but that is just personal preference. As for a how long it will last you, build/hardware wise a good while, specs wise they are always coming out with bigger and better so I could tell ya.
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