Win98 has serious Probs...

I am running windows 98se with all the updates. I get kernal errors, MSI errors and USER32 errors...All DLL's... I used windows SFC and it did nothing. is there anyway to refresh all the WIN files and keep my programs? Lately It wouldnt even start.. EVEN IN SAFE MODE!!...its just gave me some mprexe error and freezes. What do you think I can/should do?
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  1. I'd run a reinstall of 98SE from DOS mode (boot off the CD or a floppy).

    These types of errors are usually caused by CPU lockups (which indicates a power problem), memory errors (bad memory or power), or VIA chipsets (which are also known to cause CPU lockups or memory errors).

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  2. Run the program "msconfig", assuming you can get there...

    There will be a line in the startup options called Profile. disable it. Any help?

    That mprexe program caused a load of probs on a PC I worked with. One of the Power Profiles was causing it.

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  3. are there any programs to check to see which of the 3 might be my problem??
  4. I just opened the POS and found VIA on everything :'( so thats probably my cause of problems?
  5. Time to start chasing your tail. I've seen a LOT of cases where everything worked solidly except with some chipset features missing (like AGP4x), then when you load the chipset drivers you can't stop Windows from crashing!

    First thing I suggest you do is go into BIOS and check your voltage and teperature. If voltage is close to being right (3.3v between 3.2 and 3.5v being most important), run a DOS mode program from floppy called MemTest86. If you get no memory errors...reload windows from scratch and try a differnt version of the VIA drivers.

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  6. play it safe! reinstall using the windows cd!
    but check your configuration and other things like cmos setup first!


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  7. <A HREF="" target="_new">See if this link helps!</A>

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