new cpu bad?

i have a gigabyte ga-7zx mobo and a 650 duron and its a slow p.o.s. so i bought a 1.2gig athlon the 200mhz fsb. and when i put it in absolutely nothing comes up on my monitor, everyting turns on in the computer but nothing shows up on the monitor. so i put my duron back in and it comes up and says cmos settings wrong hit f1 to enter setup. well i cant hit f1 because when i do it doesnt do anything. whats going on?? i need my comp up and running asap for school and work. someone help?!?!?!?!?!?
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  1. Did you update the boards BIOS for the faster CPU? Also make sure when switching the chips you CLEAR the CMOS.

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  2. i cleared the cmos but i havent updated the BIOS. and im not exactly sure on how to do that. is there any site i can go to explain it to me?
  3. Go to the support site and download the BIOS for your board, they will also have instructions on how to update your BIOS. Basically the files you download go onto a floppy, you open your BIOS and use the flash BIOS feature (if it has it) if not just load the computer with a windows start disk and run the flash utility and type in the file name of the new BIOS. The instructions on the manufacturer website are usually decent.

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